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Aug 20

Thymes Wellness is a collection of fragrances and products that inspire self-care in every part of your life, beginning with your bath and body routine.

Designed with your well-being in mind, Wellness is a combination of consciously crafted vegan formulas and naturally derived aromatic fragrances to help you begin a healthy, balanced lifestyle by nurturing your body and senses.

Thymes is proud to introduce our newest collection and a whole new way to look at fragrance.


Thymes Wellness extends to three fragrance collections: Revive, Refocus, and Rest.

Each collection contains products that focus on mood boosting through the power of scent (healing blends of scents otherwise known as aromatherapy) and performance (carefully crafted formulas with ethical ingredients that deliver luxury level feel).

Develop your own ritual of self-care with a singular collection to awaken your senses, boost your focus or calm. Maybe you prefer to mix your favorite scents into a routine that feels right to you, or need to refocus your mind for a late night work session.

There is no right or wrong way to add a little bit of Wellness into your life.



Awaken the Senses

Revive is an optimistic blend of sweet tangerine and blossoming rosemary essential oils designed to awaken the senses and inspire you to face the day.

From the light weight body serum to a gently exfoliating body polish, formulas within this collection not only smell great but also invigorate skin with a healthy, soft to the touch glow.

Revive formulas are made with ggod-for-you ingredients. Rosehip Oil contains essential fatty acids to promote healthy skin, while Super Seed Oils (found in superfood, and super good for you, plants) double down on restorative fatty acids, adding an even richer moisture to skin.  



Balance the Mind

Naturally derived juniper berry and mint essential oils brings balance to the mind in our Refocus Collection.

This bright and fresh fragrance gives an instant boost to the senses, a welcome tool to help direct the mind to the moment throughout the day.

This collection makes use of antioxidant rich ingredients like black tea extract and botanical AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) to aid skin revitalization in addition to the senses.

From our activated charcoal scrub to 100% natural diffuser oils, this collection is truly about revealing a renewed sense of focus.



Calm and Restore

The comforting scent of lavender blended with the warmth of cedar provides the relaxation found in our Rest Collection.

Relaxation is the ultimate self-care gesture you can give yourself, throughout the day or in the evenings to wind down your mind and body.

Relax and renew with nutrient rich super seed oils that provide rich moisture to nourish skin, complimented by anti-inflammatory White Willow Bar extract and stand out ingredient pink Himalayan Sea Salt to soothe and detoxify skin.

Pair this collection with self-soothing care rituals like a bath and meditation to fully restore your sense of serenity.

Begin your journey to holistic health with Thymes Wellness, the ultimate self-care experience.

Explore the collections of Revive, Refocus and Rest to find your personal routine to happiness.

Take it a step further with Thymes Guide to Meditation and find out how to turn everyday tasks into rituals of mindfulness.

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Samiera Abou-Nasr

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