Allow us to Introduce Ourselves 

For 40 years, Thymes has offered carefully crafted bath & body, home fragrance, and home care products that strive to make time more special through exceptional fragrance experiences and thoughtful design.

As a founding brand of the fragranced bath and body category, we continue to be inspired to create products that not only enhance the skin and the senses but also offer the chance for customers to take time for themselves. The ultimate gift

How Thymes Came to Be 

Thymes grew out of the simple love of nature, a passion for art, and the desire to help others find beauty and balance in their lives. These characteristics still hold true today and guide our product innovation strategy. 

In 1982, our founder had a passion for understanding ingredients used in beauty products and grew unsatisfied with what she found. From there, she began hand-crafting fragrant products in her small kitchen from ingredients she would grow herself, purchase at the farmer’s market, or found in specialty shops.

Using her life savings and business knowledge she gained from running an art gallery, she converted her gallery space into a showroom featuring her beautiful, hand-made bath salts, potpourri, and sachets. Soon, the gallery was packed with customers and everything on display was purchased. In that moment, Thymes was born. 

Product and Formulation Philosophy 


With each product, fragrance is at the forefront. Our goal is to create fragrances that are familiar yet intriguing, complex yet balanced, and subtle yet lingering. Each scent is designed to reveal layers of fragrance notes that unfold even as you first pick up a candle, spritz on a countertop spray, or pump the beginnings of your body wash.

The fragrance’s initial throw, character, and longevity is tested to determine overall experience and effectiveness. Whether your scent preference is fresh, floral, citrus, warm, or spicy, our fragrances are sure to have you coming back for more. 


We strive to use natural, plant-based products from renewable and sustainable sources whenever possible. Rooted in nature, our highly effective formulas are skin-compatible and free of parabens, SLS/SLES, and phthalates. Finally, Thymes products are tested on people, never on animals. 


Every touch point of the Thymes product experience is thoughtfully considered. From the design of the packaging and its visual appeal to the unique fragrance experience and formulations that are both naturally derived and highly effective, our products are sure to take your senses on a journey. 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why attention to detail is paramount. Each element of our products is meticulously curated through our team of in-house designers and innovation strategists. From the multidimensional hues and inviting red color palette of the Simmered Cider Diffuser carton, to the height of Goldleaf Bubble Bath, and the shape of the Lemon Leaf Large Hand Wash glass bottle are all examined when creating our products. It takes many rounds of creative reviews and sampling by our talented team to ensure our products delight you with each use. 

As much as the look and feel of the product is of utmost priority, each product is tested by our team to achieve a phenomenal usage experience. You’ll notice the Eucalyptus Hand Creme bursts and lingers with layers of invigorating eucalyptus, crisp Italian lemon, lemongrass and lush fir, while the shear butter formula is ultra-hydrating, creamy, and never greasy.

We take pride in our product innovation process, which is why we are filled with joy when we see our customers love the products just as much as we do.

From Bath & Body to Today – an Innovation Journey 

Through the years we have expanded into new categories while remaining true to our bath and body heritage. With fragrance at the forefront, we now proudly offer fragranced bath and body, home care, and home fragrance products that help elevate the everyday.

From daily bathing rituals to Sunday afternoon cleaning routine, to lighting the first Frasier Fir candle of the holiday season, Thymes is with you through it all to make time more special and intentional. 

Bath & Body 

Inspired by botanicals in art and nature, Thymes Bath & Body is passionate about creating products that make life’s simple moments of self-care more intentional and full of beauty, balance, and connection with refreshing fragrances, high-quality ingredients, and beautiful presentation.

We carefully select plant-based ingredients and naturally-derived botanical ingredients that are rich in beneficial nutrients and vital antioxidants. We are always cruelty-free and formulated without parabens and petrolatum. 

Home Fragrance 

Welcome all who enter your home with the cherished Home Fragrances of Thymes.

Through exceptional, nature-inspired fragrances and thoughtfully considered design, our candles, diffusers, and more are there to make each moment special and intentional. 

Home Care 

Born from nature, grown through thoughtful design, and artfully created formulas, Thymes Home Care flourishes in the home with fragrances that perfectly capture the essence of each season.

Redefine the art of cleaning through powerful formulas, wholesome ingredients, and captivating fragrances. 

Iconic Fragrances Standing the Test of Time 

As we’ve grown into the company we are today, many beloved fragrances have come and gone but many have remained, becoming true icons in the line.

Goldleaf, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Mandarin Coriander are some of our earliest collections and have become some of our most popular, many being staples in our customers’ lives for over 30 years. And not to mention, the quintessential holiday fragrance, Frasier Fir first launched in 2004, captured the hearts of so many, and has become woven into annual holiday traditions. 


The start of several iconic fragrances, Goldleaf continues to stand out today since its creation in 1991. A lavish arrangement as memorable as it is luxurious; this heady, floral fragrance creates an elaborate work of art envied by everyone around you. 

  • Smooth jasmine
  • Sheer roses
  • Heady hyacinth
  • Creamy lily of the valley
  • Lavish oak moss

“It’s just a gorgeous and complex floral that makes me feel pretty and upbeat without being too sweet or over done.”

– Karen, KY 


A true staple fragrance for our bath and body products, Eucalyptus provides a transformative moment to energize and awaken your senses. This fresh, lively fragrance has been infusing our customers’ day with unlimited possibilities since 1991. 

  • Invigorating eucalyptus oil
  • Crisp Italian lemon
  • Lush fir
  • Energizing petitgrain
  • Sweet bergamot
  • Lively lemongrass

“It’s such a fresh scent, not flowery or too feminine, and is appropriate for women and men. I get complimented on the scent EVERY time I wear it (which is nearly every day).”

– Barb, GA 


A peaceful palette crafting the perfect canvas for the senses. For over 30 years, Lavender has been a soothing, floral fragrance that allows you to take on your day with boundless calm and relaxation. 

  • Velvety lavender
  • Warm rosewood
  • Fresh clary sage
  • Earthy violet

“It is simply the most beautiful lavender I have ever smelled. The scent is gorgeously unique, it lasts, and is clean and sophisticated. I love all the Thymes Lavender products.”

– Judith, IN 

Mandarin Coriander 

From 2001 to today, Mandarin Coriander continues to be a citrusy favorite for the home. Fresh, clean, and green, this one-of-a-kind herbal and citrus blend revives interior spaces like a breath of fresh air for your home.  

  • Lively mandarin oil
  • Robust coriander
  • Vibrant grapefruit meld
  • Calming lemon balm
  • Green rosemary leaf
  • Warm cedarwood

“I use Mandarin Coriander Countertop Spray, Dishwashing Liquid and Hand Wash daily. They keep the whole house smelling fresh...”

–Janet, MA 

Then Came Frasier Fir 

It all started in 2004 with a single poured candle tied with a ribbon and a pinecone embellishment. Designed to be a limited-edition holiday item, the original Frasier Fir candle sold out within weeks.

It was obvious we had kindled something special. 

“After discovering Thymes, I first fell in love with Frasier Fir. It is such a fresh and clean scent, and Christmas time wouldn’t be the same without it!”

– Kristin, TX 

The Frasier Fir phenomenon has been growing ever since and has become a traditional part of the holidays and beyond. With the aromatic snap of crisp Siberian fir needles, heartening cedarwood, and relaxing sandalwood, its just-cut forest, fresh fragrance perfectly captures the essence of the season. 

Today, we’re continuing the tradition with new products and freshly designed packaging to suit all tastes. The sophisticated and diverse styles are sure to stand out in your home, welcoming guests and capturing the hearts of all who enter. This Frasier Fir flame is only getting brighter with each collection we add. 


A favorite of every generation. With a mixture of our classic, unmistakable pine needle design and iconic green hues, Frasier Fir Heritage is a top-selling collection and one of the greatest gifts to give. 


The glow of the holidays is even brighter with the shiny gold accents of our Gilded Collection. Paired with the iconic Frasier Fir fragrance, this stylish collection will bring elegance to any room. 


Invite luxury into the home to make a statement throughout the season with the Statement Collection. The lustrous silver finish accented with our iconic pine needle pattern ensures this collection will impress your guests.

Frosted Plaid 

Bridging the gap between traditional and modern, the Frosted Plaid Collection truly makes a one-of-a-kind statement. The deep frosted greens and the shimmering mercury gold interior are the perfect addition to your home for entertaining and gift-giving. 

A Thank You 

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for these 40 years together. It is our passion to bring you inspiring fragrances and designs that ultimately create connection with yourself, nature, and your loved ones. The best is yet to come, and we’re delighted to have you, our customers, alongside us on this journey.