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Welcome all who enter your home with the cherished fragrances of Thymes. Make each moment more special and intentional through exceptional, nature-inspired fragrances and thoughtfully considered design.

Warm Fragrances to Fill Your Home

Frasier Fir

Beloved by every generation, Frasier Fir sparks memories as enjoyable as the fragrance itself.  

Simmered Cider

Spicy warmth steeped in tradition. A simmering blend of freshly pressed apple mulled with crushed clove, cardamom, hints of bourbon and malted rum create a warm, fragrance experience in your home.

The Spirit of
Thymes Home Fragrance
Fragrance Fragrance Fragrance


Creating fragrances that are familiar yet intriguing, bringing a sense of warmth to the home.

Connection Connection Connection


Through beauty and fragrance, become intertwined with nature, people and tradition.

Experience Experience Experience


Thoughtful and memorable product packaging and experience for home and gifting.

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