A Gift of Calm 

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Lavender & Lavender Honey 

Uniquely choose gifts that are full of beauty for you and your loved ones. Give the lavish gift of Thymes for the holidays.

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Goldleaf Limited Edition Body Cream
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Frasier Fir

Give the gift of holiday cheer with the iconic fragrance of the season.


The quintessential holiday fragrance sparks memories as enjoyable as the scent itself and creates traditions with friends and family.

Festive & Heartwarming


A comforting scent to be savored and shared.

With the scent of gingerbread, spicy notes of cardamom, crystallized ginger, hints of dark vanilla, and a sprinkle of fresh-ground cinnamon combine to warm the heart and home. 

Create More Than a Memory

Naturally derived botanical extracts and paraben-free formulas are the keystone to the perfect everyday escape.

Inspiration & Connection
Grown from a passion for nature, art and balance, Thymes products invite a transformative experience for the senses.

Unique Fragrances

Unique Fragrances

Beautiful Packaging

Beautiful Packaging

Hard-working Formulations

Hard-working Formulations



Frasier Fir

"The aroma from Frasier Fir candles envelopes you as you go about your daily duties, and gives you new spring in your step. This fragrance transports you to the outdoors where Frasier Firs grow and impart their fragrance to any and all who happen upon them. With your Frasier Fir fragrance we are allowed the same beautiful outdoor fragrance indoors where we are warm and cozy. I LOVE it!"



"This has been my go to fragrance since the late 90's. I always get compliments on how fresh & light it smells. Even my husband likes the way it smells!"


Lemon Leaf

"Thymes Lemon Leaf is outstanding! I've been using it for fall cleaning and the fresh scent has left my home with such a clean, energizing fragrance. It's the perfect scent to extend that summer freshness in your home. Where Thymes really stands out is in the blending of their scents and Lemon Leaf is among the best blends Thymes has to offer. A new favorite and definitely recommended."


Thymes' Intriguing, Complex and Balanced Fragrances​