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A Star Turn for Thymes

Behind the Scenes at ‘The Balancing Act’

May 15

Imagine testing fragrances, blindfolded, in front of a studio audience. That’s what Julie Moran, host of The Balancing Act®, recently did as she experienced Thymes fragrances with Anne Sempowski Ward, CEO of Thymes, as her sure-footed guide.

Airing on Lifetime®, the show aims to empower women in every aspect of their lives, a perfect dovetail for Thymes. As Anne says, “It was one of those moments when everything just clicked. It was a perfect match.”

The episode, which airs June 5 and June 9, brings the joy of Thymes fragrances to a national audience—and a new favorite fragrance for host Julie. Read on to learn more.


How did the feature on The Balancing Act show come to be?
I got a call from a producer who was looking to do a story on fragrance and how fragrance surrounds our life. Someone on her team was familiar with Thymes and decided to reach out. That conversation turned into a high level of intrigue, choosing among brands to feature on the episode. But she chose Thymes because she liked our brand and our expertise.

Why is it a good fit for Thymes?
Foremost, the show is all about empowering women to start their day or week or their life with tips and tools and ways they can enhance their life. And the fact that it’s on Lifetime, a network specifically for women. Those two things alone attracted me to The Balancing Act. It shares a lot of common themes we stand for as a company: empowering women, our staff and our customers.


How did you pick the fragrances featured on the show?
We wanted to showcase a broad swath of our Classic collections and our Studio collections, so we chose Eucalyptus, Goldleaf Gardenia, Aqua Coralline and Tupelo Lemongrass. We had a reason for each one featured. For instance, those that evoke a certain season: summery Tupelo Lemongrass. Or a sense of place: Aqua Coralline, a fresh, watery fragrance that conjures up the ocean and connotes memories of vacation. Eucalyptus is one of our longest standing fragrances; we chose it because it’s a great unisex fragrance: very clean, fresh and with lots of surprising notes. Then we chose something new: Goldleaf Gardenia, which we introduced to celebrate Goldleaf, which turned 25 this year. This is a modern interpretation of Goldleaf: fresh, floral, with incredibly beautiful packaging.


How do you prepare for being on camera?
Wow, that’s always fun. The first thing you have to think about is, what am I going to wear? Seriously, it matters. I wanted to wear something that I thought would complement who we are as a brand as well as the set itself. I took three dresses, but ultimately the one I wore has florals on it and a pattern that represents fragrance.

Of course, there’s also the verbal preparation: What are we going to talk about?
Here’s the thing: You can’t experience fragrance through the television. So we brainstormed with the producers and came up with a great idea. The host, Julie Moran, would do a live scent test. She was blindfolded, so she had no idea what she was smelling, and she described it for the audience. It was her true, authentic reaction to smelling Thymes fragrance. It was wonderful.

Did Julie have any favorites?
She found a few favorites; a Tupelo Lemongrass Bubble Bath really caught her eye. She loves taking baths.


What was your favorite part of being on the show?
As we were setting up for the show, everyone on the set would walk over and say, “What is this? It smells great!” They all wanted to experience Thymes. That reinforces for us as a team that what we do is really special. Once you smell it, you really want to be part of the brand. That was my favorite part of being on the show: Watching everyone in the studio share that experience—men and women, by the way. One of the producers said to me, “I’m going to buy this as a gift for my wife.”

That excitement was infectious. And Julie Moran was awesome. She wanted to be part of the experience, too. She was genuinely interested in the brand, learning about it and being a part of it.

What’s the top tip for finding what you’re looking for in a fragrance?
Fragrance is so personal. Everyone likes something different, and it conjures up unique memories in each of us. Our recommendation is to have people experience our fragrances so they can choose for themselves.

What’s your favorite Thymes fragrance?
I get this question all the time. My personal favorite is Tupelo Lemongrass. At Thymes, we test the fragrances before we put them on the market, so I get all the fragrances long before they launch. From the minute I smelled Tupelo Lemongrass, it was love. It’s one I can wear anytime, anywhere. It suits me: clean, citrus with a hint of floral. It’s my go-to fragrance.

Tune in to The Balancing Act, America’s premier half-hour magazine style morning show about women and for women, weekdays at 7:30 a.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime.

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Lyn Green June 25, 2015

I miss Lady Slipper. It was classic and soft.

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