The changing of the seasons brings new and exciting things, including a new fall-focused collection from Thymes! Introducing the Forest Collection, an eclectic mix of wood, gold, silver, and rose gold vessels paired with a trio of enchanting wooded fragrances. When combined, each come together to create a dynamic fusion of scent and style.  

The Forest Collection honors the majestic trees found in the forest through their unique designs and captivating scents. Evoking the spirit of wonder and beauty, these nature-inspired candles transport your senses to a peaceful, outdoor sanctuary while creating a wooded canopy that fills your soul and home with comfort and familiarity. 

A metallic silver glass vessel represents this timeless tree. As unique as the thin paper bark that wraps its trunk, the Birch fragrance captivates with aromatic intrigue. Its fresh, woodsy fragrance brings to mind a secluded forest sanctuary where slim, snow-white trunks lean over a still pond.  

Inspired by the spicy-scented resinous wood, comes Cedar, a fragrance worthy of its namesake. Bright gold glass pairs perfectly to this intoxicating scent. Wooded stillness beckons your senses as if heavy branches were bowing before the moon.  

On-trend rose gold glass is paired perfectly with sophisticated, natural warmth through decadent notes of the spices of star anise and black pepper, with hints of delicate maple sugar and layers of textured woods. Maple transcends autumn’s aromatic bliss in candle form.  

“These candles feature artistic patterns and touches that illuminate to create a rich and relaxing ambiance that transports you to the outdoors. It’s a beautiful blend of nature’s work, with a home décor flare.” - Kelly Sunde (Creative Director), Designer of the Forest Collection