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Clean. Crisp. Lovely and uniquely beloved.

Intricate amber. Fresh juniper berry. Warm cedarwood. Grassy spearmint. Captivating lavender. Exhilarating ginger.

The Filigree Collection
is part of the Oriental fragrance family.
4.9 rating4.9 rating4.9 rating4.9 rating4.9 rating

Reviews of Filigree

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Filigree - I MISS YOU

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

Please bring the Filigree Eau De Parfume back!!

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PLEASE Bring This Back!!!

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

I have contacted customer service a number of times about this fragrance being unavailable. Every time I'm told it has NOT been discontinued - that it is simply on a lengthy backorder. My last communication was in June 2017, and Curio Brands says it should be back in stock by the end of this year. We shall see ... but please stop getting our hopes up only to be deflated. I, like everyone else posting here, love this fragrance and have never found one that works as well for me.

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PLEASE Read Your Reviews!

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

I, like many here, have used Filigree for a long time. I think you can see that many of us absolutely love the fragrance, and are so hoping, almost pleading that you unretire the perfume. It is a lovely, soft but lasting fragrance, and I cannot understand why in the world you would discontinue it, as it is a perfect layering piece after using the lotion. This makes no sense! If you are reading the reviews, most of us feel the same. As a member of your panel for sampling new fragrances, I believe that it is fine to introduce new products, but it is also a wise course of action to savor the older ones, which have been this popular to so many customers for so long.
I hope you will consider this, really look at all the reviews, and bring back the perfume.

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Where's Filigree?

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

I purchased a bottle of Filigree (1.5 fl oz) perfume in Wisconsin a few years back. It ran out a long time ago because I just love it. I always received compliments on it. I've looked for it over the years to no avail, and now looked online only to find that it's not included in the Filigree collection. I hope you'll bring it back - it's a wonderful scent.

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My then 10 yr old son found Filigree for me about 15 years ago.

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

I'd taken him to Gatlinburg, Tenn when we found a little perfume shop. He found this scent and wanted me to try it. When we were heading back to the hotel, he said Mom, you really need to go back and buy that perfume. It smells SO good on you!! Everyone at home agreed too! I've been wearing it every since. My last bottle is now gone, so I guess I'll have to just keep wearing the lotion until you decide to bring back the perfume.

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