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Ocean-side tranquility. Comforting and deep as a marine breeze.

Gone for now, but maybe not forever!

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The Azur Collection
is part of the Fresh fragrance family.
5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

Reviews of Azur

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Please bring it back!

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

Azur is one of my favorite fragrances! I discovered this while on my honeymoon at a shop in Puerto Rico. Now, whenever I smell it, it reminds me of that wonderful trip. I still have some left, but hope you decide to bring it back before I run out. Besides the great memories, I love its fresh, clean scent. It's not quite like any other scent I've ever worn. Naia (now Aqua Coralline) is a close second. Glad that only received an updated look!

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Bring Back Azur!

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

I discovered Azur lotion at a discount store, which surprised me - you don't usually see Thymes products at a discount. I know the excellent reputation of all Thymes products, so I bought it "unsmelled" - and tried it after my next shower. I was delighted with the way it reminded me of happy beach times in Hawaii. It's definitely a "marine" fragrance, but it has a depth and complexity that most of these types of fragrance generally lack, tending as they do to be sort of single-note scents. Although it is evocative of sand, sea and sun, it is still appropriate for any season, and when wearing it, I have received the best kind of fragrance compliment one can receive - "You smell so good!" - as opposed to "Your perfume smells good". The scent becomes part of ME, and adds to the impression I leave with each person I encounter, in a subtle way. I like that it is ME that smells good, not just the stuff I have on, and there's a difference. Please bring back Azur! Now I know that it was discounted because it is no longer in production, although, to my way of thinking, the fact that it's no longer being made should make it all the more precious. In any case, I am happy that I happened to stumble upon it quite by accident, and I intend to use and enjoy every precious drop, until you bring it back by popular demand!

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A free and delightful fragrance!

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

Inhale the freshness of Azur, always stimulating! We first found this at a wonderful gift/book store in Topsail Beach in North Carolina. Now, it takes our memory back to some really fun days with family at the beach!

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azur fragrance

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

Azur fragrance is beautiful! It covers all types of odors, even cat litter box. I wish it would come back!

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5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

The Thymes Azur fragrance is crisp, clean, and always takes me back to one of my favorite places to visit...Bonita Beach, FLA.

I am a fragrance lover and Azur is a must-have!!! I've given different pieces of the Azur collection as many friends AND myself. :)

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