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Frasier Fir

A tradition that feels right at home.

The aromatic snap of Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedarwood and earthy sandalwood combine to create a just-cut forest fragrance that evokes warmth and comfort.

The Frasier Fir Collection
is part of the Fresh fragrance family.
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Reviews of Frasier Fir

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Certified Purchaser

Great holiday fragrance that's wonderful year 'round

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

Discovered Frasier Fir votives over 2 years ago. Have purchased other F.F. items and loved them all. These products make great gifts, too.

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Certified Purchaser

Frasier Fir is wonderful!

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

Not sure why this hasn't been made into a cologne or perfume yet but I would buy lots!! The candle is wonderful, the scent lingering and it lasts a long time.

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Frazier Fir Oil & Diffuser

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

The Frazier Fir oil product is very versatile. I use the diffuser and oil place on the vanity in a main floor powder room near our foyer entry area. When I am expecting guests, I take the diffuser sticks and drop a few drops on our entrance rug and area rugs- (our rugs are a dark color, so no issue with any potential stain). The fresh scent is a definite welcome - lasts a long time- when I have been gone for awhile - coming back to this wafting fragrance welcomes me home!
We get many compliments on the tranquil scent from women and men alike. (Comment such as "your house always smells so good!") My 20+ something nephew has asked for this product when gift giving time is near.
Our son has allergies and this scent does not create issues with his sneezing as do other floral or heavy scents.
We have 2 black Labrador dogs- our home does not exude "dog smell" thanks to a lot of vacuuming and the wonderful Frazier Fir products. Also love the hand soap too!

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Certified Purchaser

Fan of Frasier Fir

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

This scent is magical! There is something universally appealing about it. I love that there is such a wide variety of products in this collection. HUGE fan!

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It transforms a house into a home

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

I discovered Frazier Fir after a divorce had changed my life and the home in which I'd lived for over 30 years. The first Xmas I was alone filled me with dread. I planned for guests, decorated a tree, baked, but every afternoon when I entered the house after work, my chest tightened and my heart hurt. Sometimes what had been endurable during the workday, seemed overwhelming once I entered my front door. That holiday someone gave me a large Frazier Fir candle as a gift. On a cold, rainy Louisiana Saturday afternoon ithe first week in January, I put a fire in the fireplace and lighted the three wicks of the Frazier Fir candle. Twenty minutes later, I returned with a cup of freshly dripped coffee and a book. I know it sounds implausible, but when I walked into my living room, it felt different. It felt like home again. The aromas of the fire and coffee mingled with the clean fragrance of pne and sandlewood, transforming the room and my world.

That room has never since been without a Frazier Fir candle and a pretty green bottle with pine wood diffusers. Nor has the adjacent entrance hall or my study. I use Frazier Fir liquid soap when I clean woodwork in those rooms. And I keep a spray canister in a drawer--- just in case. By now, I sometimes am almost unaware of it, but guests regularly remark the "home-like" fragrance of my house and tell me they always feel at home when they enter my front door. Frazier fir is a subtle fragrance that feels both clean and rich and it has that effect.

I know many associate it with Christmas only, but that's a shame because unlike many balsam/pine concoctions, Frazier Fir transcends seasons. It awakens the senses, to be sure, but like the fragrance of old leather, fine woods, and good upholstery, it comforts. I was shopping with a friend recently, and she came upon the store's diffuser of Frazier Fir. She turned to me and said, "Oh, you must smell this! It smells just like your home!"

In a world where people often feel anonymous and where home decor tends toward the monochromatic and impersonal, I think it is wonderful to have a fragrance that locates one in a special time and place, one that says, "Here, I am secure. Here good talk and easy friendship bloom. This is home." Because Frazier Fir evokes these feelings, it is my favorite Thymes scent.

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