The spirit of Christmas radiated from the home of arguably the most renowned and successful business- woman working today.

Kylie Jenner has candidly invited us on a tour of her very own Winter Wonderland, with daughter Stormi leading the way.

A central tree and consul table displays are festooned with festive tinsel and peppered with nods to familial traditions.

Amongst the heirlooms, Kylie’s softly lit manicured hand reached for a familiar pine needle design, a fittingly chosen Frasier Fir Candle from our Heritage Collection described as “everything” and “smells like Christmas”.

Kylie’s Thymes fandom reaches beyond one fragrance, as avid fans will remember, our made an appearance at her Friendsgiving festivities but, this time, we realized she wasn’t alone.

Outlets like People Magazine, USA News Site and even sister <ourtney Kardashian connected with Kylie’s enthusiasm and shared our with their readers as well.

We had to take a moment to reflect on the power of this delicate blend of Siberian Fir, cedarwood and earthy sandalwood that immerses you in the forests of the north.

Regardless of your Christmas Celebrations, or lack thereof, is the undeniable scent of winter.

The cheerful winter, before the cold sets into your bones. The joyous season that still feels warm, and welcoming.

There’s a kindness in the nostalgia that Frasier Fir evokes, one that we would do well to remember in both the brightest and darkest times of the year.

Thymes has created collections to compliment every season, every home and every personality.

Heritage Collection

The Power of Tradition

Kylie's ultimate Christmas candle is a hero of our Heritage collection. The collection is decorated in the history of THYMES, with a design inspired by our earliest Frasier Fir Candles.

Created your own memories throughout the year with the candles, beauty and home products that THYMES fans have come to love.

Statement Collection

Shining in the Night

Different collections were created as the popularity of Frasier Fir grew, evolving our design to fit new personalities that enjoyed this universally beloved scent.

The Statement Collection presents a modern luxury, a metallic silver centerpiece that is a work of art.

The collection was also consciously connected to the forests that inspired it when we partnered with American Forests up until the end of 2020 - for every product was sold in Statement, a percentage of proceeds were donated, supporting habitat restoration for threatened and endangered species in hurting ecosystems.

Gilded Collection 

Lavish Opulence

The glistening white snow cover of the forests of the north, inspired the decadence of a Frasier Fir favorite, the Gilded Collection.  

The porcelain design of each product is molded to capture the grooves in the bark of Frasier Fir tree.

24-karat gold enhances the beauty of each piece in this collection as a reminder of winter’s regal air.

Grand Noble Collection

Lounge Chic

Grand Noble is the perfect vessel to enjoy Frasier Fir all year round.

This collection is centered around a contemporary design swathed in rich shades of emerald and sage.

The deep color palette and clean refined shape recalls the nouveau riche sophistication that adds elegance to any home and redefines what a Christmas candle can be.