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Thymes on HSN

Thymes was featured on HSN on August 25th, 2016. Learn more about our experience!

Sep 16

The 25th Anniversary celebration of Eucalyptus and Lavender continued recently as Anne Sempowski Ward, CEO of Curio—the new parent company of Thymes®, and Maggie Sokoloski, Thymes Marketing Assistant, headed to HSN® for the day.

Eucalyptus and Lavender were in the spotlight for two shows that day and new White Wisteria™ made its HSN debut on The Beauty Report with Amy Morrison. Anne was able to share the stories behind some of Thymes’ most popular fragrance collections and tell why so many people love to make these fragrances part of their everyday life (even Guy Yovan mentioned how much he likes them!).

After talking to both Anne and Maggie about their trip to HSN, we were excited to share the surprises and unpredictability of live TV that made for an unforgettable experience. Read on for an insider peek at Team Thymes’ day at HSN!

What was your favorite part of each show during your time at HSN?

Anne: Going on air! There is so much anticipation leading up to the moment when the cameras start rolling. But the minute it starts, my adrenaline completely kicks in. It is so amazing to think that I am talking to millions of viewers who I cannot see but who can see me and are listening to everything I say.

Did you know Guy was going to come on stage during the morning show?

Anne: Not at all! It was a complete surprise. I saw him in the dressing room and he said he was not going to be joining Shannon for our segment. Then, as I was talking to Shannon, all of sudden he showed up. It was really funny and we welcomed him. This is how live TV works. Sometimes things just happen.

Maggie: Prior to the show in the salon while Anne was getting her make-up done, we ran into Guy and found out that he wouldn’t be on our segment that morning anymore, which we were sad about just because of the energy he brings to his shows. I ran into him in the hallway and he continued to say that he would try and “stop by,” which he certainly did! During the segment with Shannon Fox, Guy popped on unexpectedly and to try out some of the Eucalyptus Body Lotion since it’s one of his personal favorites! That was a fun moment.

What elements did you setup for each fragrance on set?

Maggie: Overall, we were going for minimal style and clean and consistent color palette for all fragrances represented on set. The placement of product is very important for on air with there always being a close-up shot of the individual products, there’s a lot of angles that need to be taken into consideration.

- For Eucalyptus, we had eucalyptus branches, lemon & lime slices, fir branches to show the breath of all of the lively fragrance notes of Thymes Eucalyptus
- For Lavender, we had lavender sprigs, violet leaf & flower and rosewood shavings so that we could depict how unique our Lavender blend is to the HSN customers
- For White Wisteria on the Beauty Report, we showed oak moss, wisteria branches and some sandalwood to represent the wood notes present in this fragrance

Do you have a favorite fragrance out of the three shown on HSN?

Maggie: Eucalyptus! Both its presentation on set and as a fragrance – It’s true how energetic it makes you feel when you use any of the products. With the long day at HSN starting at 5am, I needed all the energy I could get, so I was using the Eucalyptus products in between each segment!

Did anyone else on set try any of the featured fragrances and fall in love with them?

Anne: Yes! One of the producers was putting our table on the set and she was admiring the Lavender packaging. She picked it up and then I said to her, “Here, put some hand cream on.” After several sniffs and a few “oohs” and “ahhs”, she was raving!

What is the HSN studio like? And what was your favorite part?

Maggie: The Beauty Report studio is so full of energy and buzzing with great people involved with HSN. Jay Manuel, the celebrity make-up artist, Michael Buble and Iman were all in the studio when we were on the Beauty Report. The energy they brought to the studio was my favorite part.

The latest collection from Thymes, White Wisteria, shined bright on its TV debut with Amy Morrison on the Beauty Report. The Beauty Report is HSN’s segment that shares the latest in beauty trends, which was the perfect way to introduce White Wisteria to the HSN audience!

White Wisteria is inspired by the botanical nature and unique nuances of Eucalyptus and Lavender. Amy Morrison described it as “so clean” and “expertly blended” and Anne told the HSN audience:

“Our fragrances are really rooted in the herbal and botanical space and then It’s that combination of something you might know, you might be familiar with, but it’s got that little special twist. So someone who has smelled wisteria, this has that soft twist with the grapefruit and then the oud with the wood piece.”

Spending the day with HSN was a whirlwind of activity, and the Thymes team had a blast spending time with each of the hosts. How did Anne remain calm and composed on air?: She says it’s all about taking a deep breath and centering yourself in the moment – and enjoying the ride!

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Sandy Pastor February 28, 2017

Hi. I discovered Thames Aqua Coralline several years ago while shopping in a hotel gift shop. Everyone tells me that they love it. It smells wonderful on me. I suffer from migraines so I need to be very careful with fragrances. Aqua Coralline is absolutely perfect for me. I have tried many of your "samples" and none of them triggers a migraine, but my favorite is the A.Q. I usually order it on line as the one local store that carries THYMES does not stock A.Q. thank you so very much for a fragrances that I can live with, enjoy and not end up with a migraine.

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