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Springtime Freshness with Millefleur

What’s not to love about the new Spring-inspired Millefleur Collection from Thymes?

Feb 18

What’s not to love about the new Spring-inspired Millefleur Collection from Thymes? This floral scent is full of jasmine, with nuances of hyacinth, lily of the valley, orange blossom and raspberry, creating the perfect fragrant canvas indoors. The collection’s name translates to “a thousand flowers,” which inspired this blended, beautiful and captivating fragrance.

This collection’s statement piece is the Flower Pot Candle. We created its impressionist-style floral patterns on a sturdy ceramic pot, with re-usability in mind. Read on to learn how!

How To Re-Use Your Millefleur Flower Pot Candle:

  1. After your Millefleur candle is finished burning, make sure wax cools off. Then, the wax and wick should be easy to scoop out and remove from the container. You may need a tool to dig it out, such as a spoon or butter knife. From there, remove remaining wax by wiping the flower pot with a paper towel, then hand wash to remove any excess wax with warm, soapy water.

  2. Gather fresh dirt. It’s also useful to use a plastic plant liner (found at garden stores) for the inside of your pot, which helps drain water away from plant roots.

  3. Have some beautiful seeds ready for planting! The Flower Pot Candle comes packaged with a seed envelope, containing ready to plant Forget-Me-Not seeds! Or you can use any other seeds that inspire you...such as herbs or other small plants.

    If you would rather plant your Forget-Me-Not seeds outside, use your Millefleur Flower Pot for a sprouting seedling or young plant.

  4. Water your seeds or plant, and make sure to read up on specific care instructions to make your plant flourish in its new home!

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Maggie Ehresmann

Maggie Ehresmann

Thymes Home Brand Manager

Passionate about both art and communication, Maggie is always hard at work on something beautiful for the Thymes brand! Between copywriting, photoshoot prepping, product development, testing new fragrances, and all other things marketing, her attention to detail brings the high brand standards to life.

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Linda Sapp May 3, 2018

I love your little (and big) candles. Have some stashed away make an awesome gift for a friend or relative and they think of you each time they burn it. Also they're nice for a tiny wedding or graduation gift or as a "thank you" to someone.

Shirley Bernadotti March 5, 2018

I am ordering several items in this new collection in hopes the scent is as wonderful as the discontinued FREESIA candle which the company offered many years ago. Please consider bringing back FREESIA. Thanks for checking on this.

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