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Take an Outdoor Adventure

Get in touch with nature

Oct 16

What do the outdoors mean to you? At Thymes, we’re continually pulling inspiration for our products from our experiences with nature. For Brand Assistant, Maggie Sokoloski, the outdoors bring adventure, tell stories, usher in celebrations and serve as a reminder of how beautiful change is. Each season holds a different story and in Maggie’s opinion, these stories, are told best by trees and their beauty in the changing of seasons. In the spirit of exploring, we sat down with Maggie to talk about planning an outdoor adventure in any season.

Maggie Sokoloski writes about the importance of trees in nature

“There’s something unique about Minnesota and all the seasons we get to experience here. I have always been aware of how lucky I am to live in a place with such diversity. There’s truly something magical in each season, and for me, that’s something the trees tell best.” – Maggie Sokoloski, Thymes Brand Assistant and outdoor enthusiast


Throughout the seasons, the outdoors have given me a reminder to be prepared, patient, and present. Most of my memories are tied tight to experiences I have had outside, which is why I have continued to spend my time this way into adulthood. I often find myself planning (or taking spontaneous, last minute) weekend getaways. I’ve put together some of my favorite outdoor activities throughout the seasons to hopefully spark your sense of adventure and appreciation of nature!


Nothing compares to the coziness of a cabin stay in the crisp, chilly months. Though I enjoy traveling to cabins in any season, the comfort of a warm structure mixed with the cold, fresh-air always makes this one of my favorite winter weekend plans. The Midwest is full of people who own cabins, and I have been lucky to know quite a few of them.

Snowshoeing is a great way to explore during the cold Minnesota months.

Sometimes this season begins to get a little long, which is why I am always up for sledding or snowshoeing. I love the silence of walking through the woods, with those brief moments of hearing only the crunching underneath my boots or snowshoes. When the trees are covered in frosted, silvery white snow, matching the sky above, all seems still.

Taking an outdoor adventure in the winter is much better when there is a cabin near!


During this time, the trees represent new life through their brightly colored leaves, buds, and flowers. We return to spending more time outdoors, and maybe with a few less layers on.

Spring is a time of transition, writes Maggie

With the transition into warmer weather, hiking is one my favorite activities. Minnesota is full of bluffs, hills, valleys, forests, lakes, and all sorts of corners that are begging to be explored. It doesn’t matter how many times you walk down the same trail, or visit a frequent park or forest, there will always be something new to experience, which, for me, is the most treasured part.

The best way to see Minnesota during the spring is to take hikes


This season is defined by time spent grilling in backyards with family and friends, and soaking in the sunshine at the lake.

An image of a peaceful lake.

Many of my evenings or weekends in the warmer months are planned around fishing trips. My favorite time to go out is right before sunset… especially since that’s when the fish bite! Though I have been going out for years, I continue to learn and grow in my skills each time. Fishing has always connected me with my loved ones as it’s something they enjoy as much as I do. Sure, catching fish is fun, but the most rewarding part are the moments that happen in between the excitement of reeling in the catch of the day.

Images of a lake at dusk and sand dunes


This delightful time of year is by far my favorite one. I have experienced the most change in my life during the fall seasons – and a similar change is reflected in the vividly painted leaves, as they begin to shift into colorful masterpieces.

An image of a beautiful tree changing colors in the fall

Whether I am out camping or staying close to home, bonfires are always a perfect way to fill the evening. We cook around them, laugh with our friends, sing tunes, and reminisce on days past. The crackling, dancing, red and orange flames always give off the perfect glow to the smiling faces that gather to feel its warmth.

As we head outside this fall and winter, we look forward to seeing nature with a different eye and a more personal connection and inspire others to do the same. At Thymes, we understand the valuable experiences and feelings the outdoors can bring us – joy, beauty, memories, and traditions with loved ones – all of which inspired the beloved Frasier Fir fragrance.

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