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Ways to make spring cleaning a breeze with Mandarin Coriander

Mar 19

Few rituals are more satisfying than spring cleaning. So before the crocuses lift their cheerful heads, be sure to make your chore list, assemble your tools and prepare for the work ahead.

Our fan-favorite collection, Mandarin Coriander, is a wonderful first step, giving a lift to daily cleansing duties. These carefully blended products help you revive interior spaces with nature’s essential oils, nutrient-rich botanicals and safe, biodegradable ingredients.

Individually and in harmony, they spread a sense of inviting freshness throughout your home, making it a more welcoming place for all who join you there.

Here are a few tips to get you going:

  • Roll up your sleeves and turn up the volume. Light a Mandarin Coriander Poured Candle, play your favorite tunes and sing your heart out while you scrub.

  • Consider using green cleaning products. First, try simple household solutions like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, then supplement with a few strategic additions.

    Mandarin Coriander Countertop Spray is a perfect fit here, with biodegradable cleansing agents and essential oils of orange and lemon that gently clean and takes care of getting rid of hard-to-remove dirt.

  • Swap out woolen throws, heavy curtains and velvet pillowcases for lighter fabric choices, like linens and cottons. Small changes like these help invite a seasonal lightness to your home.

    Finish with a light spritz of Mandarin Coriander Home Fragrance Mist on curtains, which will spread a fresh citrus aroma on every breeze.

  • De-clutter! Recycle those old magazines and papers. Donate or resell clothing you no longer wear. Return stuff you’ve borrowed from others. Throw away anything no one else can use.

    And when you’re finished, get your hands nice and bubbly with Mandarin Coriander Hand Wash, rinse them clean, then treat them to moisturizing Mandarin Coriander Hard-Working Hand Cream.

  • Dust with a cotton cloth lightly moistened with Mandarin Coriander Countertop Spray. You’ll pick up more residue while leaving a nice, light scent of clean. You might want to try it in your garage, on your car’s dashboard and on your bike’s chrome, too.

  • Add a small drop of Mandarin Coriander Dishwashing Liquid to your window washing water. It’ll add a bit of slip to ease your squeegee’s way while leaving a crystal clear view.

    If you have tile floors, add a drop or two to hot water and enjoy the fresh scent underfoot while you mop.

  • Breathe and stretch. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your home doesn’t have to be cleaned in one day, either. Focus on a few areas, take a break, then tackle a few others.

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Mary Dedon May 7, 2018

I love Thymes products. Recently bought the line of Mandarin Coriander and went to town cleaning my home. Great fresh scent that makes you want to keep on cleaning everything! Very pleased with this great purchase. I also bought the products for my brother's home and he loves it too. Sister ordered the line.

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