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Heirlum Pumpkin: The Perfect Autumn Centerpiece

Ways to incorporate this fall favorite into your home this season.

Oct 18

As Autumn surrounds us, the opportunities to incorporate Heirlūm Pumpkin into your home are endless! To spark ideas on how to do this, we’ve picked three fall themes that might be found throughout your home this season, giving you an easy guide to follow as weather cools, decorating begins, and family and friends arrive.

Read on to learn how to enjoy this warm, gourmand fragrance during Fall & Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Gift Giving season.



Halloween traditions like pumpkin carving, costume making and eating sweet candy are all fun activities to partake in this time of year! Be sure to incorporate Heirlūm Pumpkin into your home décor to match these fall events.

Heirlūm Pumpkin’s Diffuser fills the air with a delicious, warm ambiance, without the flame, making it an obvious companion to these kid-friendly traditions.

The fall colors of peach, copper and gold found in Heirlum Pumpkin Candles help create a beautiful statement piece for your fall parties. The non-metal wicks provide a clean burn, while the captivating scent creates a soft blanket of cozy fragrance.



Think of all things cozy when prepping your home for this month! Activities such as baking in the kitchen, precious family time, and beautiful homemade spreads are all highly cherished this time of the year.

Greet your guest right away with the delicious fragrance of Heirlūm Pumpkin by placing a burning candle or diffuser in your entryway.

Home Fragrance Mists are also an effective way to transform the ambiance of any room with a few spritzes into the air. The welcoming fragrance will invite your guest in while hinting at the delicious treats awaiting inside.

Continue to incorporate candles and diffusers into décor, such as your Thanksgiving centerpiece, by mixing Heirlūm Pumpkin with pops of color found in botanicals on the table.

November and December:


Hostess or holiday gifting and preparing the home for company makes this a busy time of the year! Heirlūm Pumpkin Travel Tins make for a beautiful gift, perfect for your friends and family, and is an easy present to keep on hand.

To take your gift-giving to another level, create a custom-made gift basket as a thoughtful holiday gift! Mix Heirlūm Pumpkin product with kitchen products such as recipe cards, tea towels or utensils, to create an amazing, curated present.

Need some inspiration for your next Fall gathering?

We’ve put together a cookie recipe inspired by the fragrance notes found in this favorite new, fresh-from-the-oven baked scent. Recipe is available to download here.

Behind the palette:

Design Inspiration for Heirlūm Pumpkin

We were inspired by the breathtaking colors of nature, the smell of our favorite pumpkin-flavored treats, and the joy of carving pumpkins with loved ones. The result is a beautiful home-décor collection with a captivating scent.

A palette of white, peachy pink, soft orange, copper, and touches of gold capture the soft aura of autumn. Designer Kelly Sunde shares the inspiration behind the collection, which mix touches of copper and gold, while creating a beautiful ambience of light and shadows.

“The Poured Candle 3-Wicks are luminary candles that model after the form of heirloom pumpkins, while the beautiful metal etchings are inspired by the art and light of pumpkin carving.

The packaging features our in-house artist’s hand painted watercolor, done in the colors of nature’s autumn palette that is truly like no other!

And even the finest details, the speckled pattern of color and gold flakes that dance throughout the packaging were inspired by the speckled rind of a pumpkin.” – Kelly Sunde, Creative Director

Maggie Ehresmann

Author on this blog:

Maggie Ehresmann

Thymes Home Brand Manager

Passionate about both art and communication, Maggie is always hard at work on something beautiful for the Thymes brand! Between copywriting, photoshoot prepping, product development, testing new fragrances, and all other things marketing, her attention to detail brings the high brand standards to life.

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