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Forest Gives Back

Help support American Forests’ habitat projects through our Preserve + Restore Program

Jul 18

The Thymes Forest collection combines three stunning, unique forest fragrances and looks. Add to that our special give-back program, the Forest collection creates a unique gift for yourself and others.

For every product purchased in this collection, Thymes will give a percentage of the proceeds to American Forests!

Forest Collection’s
Preserve + Restore Program

The Preserve + Restore Program is a collaboration between Thymes and American Forests, supporting habitat restoration for threatened and endangered species in hurting ecosystems.

Read on to learn about the projects Thymes and American Forests are working on.

Texas Lower Rio Grande
Habitat Restoration


• Only 50 ocelot remain in the US - the population has gotten so low because of habitat segmentation from farming, meaning ocelots cannot roam their wildlife corridor without having to cross into open farm land.

• 95% of the Texas thornscrub habitat the ocelots live in has been cleared for farming and agriculture since the 1920s.

• The Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV) is one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world, with thousands of bird, butterfly, and animal species depending on it.

How we are helping

• Donations made to this ecosystem will help restore Texas thornscrub for the ocelot

• Since 1997, American Forests has planted 2 million trees in the area, making up 2/3 of the restoration work done there.

(Source: American Forests)

Whitebark Pine and Grizzly
Habitat Restoration


• The Clark’s nutcracker spreads whitebark pine seeds for animals like the threatened grizzly bear.

• Whitebark pine is considered a keystone tree species. It provides critical habitat and acts as a food source for grizzly bears and dozens of other animals and insects. If it were to go away, slowly these other species would disappear too. Their seed provides as much fat as a stick of butter!

• Due to climate change, the lifespan of the pine beetle has extended as temperatures are warmer overall. This means the beetle has been wreaking more and more havoc on the keystone whitebark pine, destroying them at a higher rate than ever before.

How we are helping

• In 1999, American Forests joined the battle to overpower the pestilence, and in 2013, brought together partners in Yellowstone to research, develop and implement solutions.

• From creating pheromone patches that fool pine beetles into thinking a tree is already occupied, to cone collection and cultivation of blister rust disease-resistant seedlings, the efforts are making headway against a virulent epidemic.

• American Forests has already planted 300,000 whitebark pine trees across the Northern Rockies and Cascades and sales from the Forest collection will help plant thousands more.

(Source: American Forests)

Michigan Kirtland’s Warbler
Habitat Restoration


• The Kirtland’s warbler is the rarest warbler in North America, nesting in the dense branches of young jack pine trees in northern Michigan. The bright yellow and bluish-gray songbird has been listed as an endangered species since 1967 due to habitat loss and nest predation.

How we are helping

• Restoration efforts over the past 20 years have helped the Kirtland’s warbler population rebound from 400 to 4,000. In the next year, American Forests will plant 1 million seedlings to restore this bird’s critical nesting habitat.

• There have been talks about potentially removing the warbler from the Endangered Species Act and your support can help make this a possibility!

(Source: American Forests)

Support our efforts and shop the whole Forest Collection here!

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