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Eros By Any Other Name

Why Certain Scents Arouse Passions

Jan 16

Before you buy your sweetie a bouquet, bottle of cologne or some other token of your affection, consider this: The first union of Cleopatra and Mark Antony took place amid a pillow of rose petals a foot and a half high.

Extravagance is the order of the day when it comes to wooing and grooming and this is especially true on Valentine’s Day. And leading the libido list is fragrance.

That’s because scent and sensuality are intimately linked in our neural pathways. In A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman, a chapter on smell brilliantly chronicles how it all works, along with various cultures’ fragrance obsessions, as her stories about Cleo and Mark attest.

Indeed, ever since the days of gods and goddesses and their mortal peers, perfume has been in the picture. In ancient mythology, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love (and root of the word “aphrodisiac”), used seductive aromas to entice her muses on heaven and earth. Venus worked her beauty and charms so well; a planet is named for her. Eros (an anagram of “rose”) was the Greek god of love; in Roman myth, it was Cupid with his bow and arrow.

To get in the mood for love, fragrance only makes sense. “Smell is the most direct of our senses,” Ackerman writes.

Naturally, people swoon over different scents.

Floral aromas, like Kimono Rose, are a perennial favorite as they mimic the flower’s bloom at its most robust, fertile and lusty. Added to that, many florals also have animalic bases, meaning they contain subtle odors that mimic animal pheromones. Rose, ylang ylang, magnolia, neroli, jasminecassia are time-honored favorites.

Equally narcotic, certain scents from woods (sandalwood, cedarwood), foods (vanilla, clove), resins (amber) and musk also have their allures.

Goldleaf Gardenia

Our Thymes perfumers, incorporate many of these come-hither fragrances into our collections. Such combinations heighten intrigue, compounding familiar aromas with a touch of mystery.

Ready to set the mood? You can’t go wrong with a floral fragrance. With its delicate florals, Kimono Rose is really more about being playful, lighthearted, flirty and feminine. It has a creamy, edible vanilla base, which makes it delicious. As described by one happy customer, it is the “epitome of femininity.”

Our classic, more heady floral, Goldleaf offers notes of smooth jasmine and heady hyacinth. The resulting fragrance is a truly luxurious and lavish fragrance that is artisanal in nature.Goldleaf Gardenia is slightly more modern, favoring a dewy floral fragrance that offers layers of complexity.

Cleopatra, no doubt, would approve of these lovely floral fragrances that appeal to all of our senses.

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