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How to give a fragrance

Jan 16

Because fragrance is such a personal expression, the prospect of choosing a fragrance for another can be daunting. But by gathering a few hints and putting some thought into it, it’s possible to select a fragrance that will be both meaningful and appreciated.

Use what you know

If she already has a favorite fragrance, your job just got easier. Visit the Thymes Fragrance Studio, determine which fragrance family it belongs to and use the Fragrance Explorer to choose one that complements it.


Think visually

What’s her style when it comes to clothing, art and furniture?

  • Feminine and romantic :   Whisk her away with a Floral scent.
  • Casual and low-key :   Try sunny, straightforward Citrus scents.
  • Comfort-minded homebodies :   She’ll find Gourmand scents delectable.
  • Outdoorsy and natural :   Woody scents are a way to give her the fragrance of the forest.
  • Flirty and fun :   Juicy, cheerful scents in the Fruity family are a recipe for a good time.
  • Classic and sophisticated :   Look for clean scents in the Fresh family.
  • Chic/modern :   Intriguing, spicy Oriental scents may resonate with her.

Take a trip

Where would she go on her dream trip? Use this information to help inform her favorite fragrance family.

  • Hitting the slopes :   She’ll find crisp, cool Fresh scents invigorating.
  • Anywhere with a pool :   Go for bright, sun-splashed Citrus scents.
  • Sleeping under the stars :   Woody scents are an al fresco favorite.
  • Somewhere exotic :   Spicy Oriental scents may speak to her.
  • Berry-picking in Maine :   Fill a basket with a Fruity scent.
  • A culinary tour :   Indulge in a Gourmand scent.
  • Romantic European adventure :   Traditional Florals are just the ticket.

Listen closely

What is she seeking?

  • A burst of energy :   Perhaps a revitalizing Citrus scent.
  • More balance in her life :   Consider a soothing Fresh scent.
  • A whirlwind romance :   A flirty Floral might do the trick.
  • New, interesting experiences :   Try an adventurous Oriental scent.
  • Quality time with her friends :   A fun Fruity scent is perfect.
  • Her own cooking show :   Surely a scrumptious Gourmand scent.
  • Getting back to nature :   Think about a rustic Woody scent.

Still not sure? Don't worry - just visit the Thymes Fragrance Studio, where you can find out more about our fragrance families, their characteristics and the collections that contain them. And remember: Any gift that reflects your thoughtfulness, generosity and good taste will surely be well received.

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Ann-Marie Stone December 19, 2017

I bought the Frazier Fir soap in the ceramic square container for the holidays. I love it!!!! Do you offer different varieties of soap that fit that square dish?

Susan Curci October 4, 2014

I work a very stressful job and head a team of incredible people who are humorous, feisty, quick thinking, talented, generous with their time, hard working, and, above all, kind. They are emergency veterinary technicians and they are the best people I know. It's a pleasure for me to do anything that makes their shifts more enjoyable and know they matter. At Christmas last year I put out the Frasier Fir sink set in the treatment area, since we all wash our hands until they bleed, especially in cold weather. They really dug on the fragrance -fresh, lovely and natural. I plan on doing it yearly and may get a head start with another fragrance at Thanksgiving. Thanks for providing such a lovely way to attend to our basic needs!

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