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A Guide to Cleaning Your Home

Roll up your sleeves

Aug 19

Cleaning your home can be overwhelming.

The trick is to start small, with just one area in a room, and go from there!

Set the mood

Get inspired by turning on some music and lighting a Poured Candle - perfect for while you clean or as a relaxing treat after your to-do list is done!

Light often to delight your senses and refresh your space. You deserve it!

Need a fragrance recommendation? Explore our new Home Care line and pick a fragrance that speaks to you!


Keep, Donate or Toss?

After you pick the first space to tackle, try creating a few different designated piles to help de-clutter the space. For example, create one for donating, one for saving, and one for tossing.

Recycle those old magazines and papers, donate or resell clothing or books you no longer need, return stuff you’ve borrowed from others, and throw away anything no one else can use.

If you know you no longer wear that t-shirt covered in holes, it may be time to give it up! However, it’s important to keep sentimental items, too. Decide if the item brings you any sort of happiness. If so, consider keeping it.

Slowly move through your home like this instead of trying to work on every room at once.

Clean your storage spaces

Once those drawers and cubbies are emptied out, clean those surfaces!

Use the Countertop Spray to wipe down and refresh each nook and cranny. Biodegradable cleansing agents and extracts of fennel and parsley effectively clean, while putting a fragrant and refreshing touch on the surfaces of your home.

It also can help remove fingerprints or other marks on your walls. This is ideal for routine clean-ups and for when you’re expecting guests!


Store items with intent

Put items back in your clothing closet and drawers with intention. Folding technics and separating out either by color, style or use can help busy mornings go easier.

In your closet, try using the Home Fragrance Mist for a quick, lasting refresh. Bursts of fragrance fills the air, perfect for both intimate and large rooms.

You can also add a light spritz near curtains, which will spread a fresh aroma with every breeze.


Let the Light In

Cleaning windows is a great way to add a bit more light to your space.

Add a small drop of Dishwashing Liquid to your window washing water. It’ll add a bit of slip to ease your squeegee’s way while leaving a crystal clear view.

Change out curtains or blinds to either a bit more sheer or lighter tones. This will help bring in more natural light.

Shop our home care line to help with your cleaning!

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Maggie Ehresmann

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Maggie Ehresmann

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