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A Guide to Meditation

Daily Mindfulness Practices

Jul 20

Meditation is a centuries old practices of daily self-centering and reflection that can be practiced in a variety of techniques and self-care. These practices bring us back to the present moment, so that when we are feeling emotions like anxiety, anger, annoyance or simply feel overwhelmed during our day, we can turn to the skills we have developed. Approach your day as if every experience is new to you and open your eyes to how wonderful the magic of life truly is with the Thymes Guide to Meditation.


Meditation Basics

Begin your day with a journey to a centered, balanced life.

Set the Mood

For many people, aromatherapy guides their practice by activating a sense of smell. Revive, Refocus and Rest are specifically designed as therapeutic scents to enhance your mood. Calming Lavender Body Lotion and energizing Eucalyptus Candle are other great options for Thymes fans just beginning their practices. 

Set a Timer

For newcomers, set a timer for 5 minutes so you can stay in the moment without worrying about time. There are also meditation apps like Headspace that guide and time meditations for you.

Get Comfortable

Find the most relaxed position for your body whether it is sitting on a chair, meditation pillow, sitting cross legged, or lying down.

Be Thankful

Begin with gratitude for the self-care you are giving yourself. You deserve this time.


Inhale and exhale with deep, slow breaths. Pay attention to where your breath comes from, such as your chest or your belly. Breathing is a key component of meditation, if you ever find yourself distracted, come back to your breath.


Notice where you are holding tension in your body and release it. Being present means being in your body. Do you feel aches in your back? Tightness in your chest or face?

Be Gentle

As a beginner, forgive yourself for a wandering mind. This is a process that develops over time. Make note of your thoughts and move on.

Begin Your Day

At the end of your meditation, slowly open your eyes and thank yourself once again for making yourself a priority in your life. Slowly get up and move forward with your day!

Daily Practices

Mindfulness is not limited to daily meditations, it’s not for everyone. You can find Zen in a variety of places throughout your day.


Begin Your Day

Sometimes life feels so much like a sprint to the finish line we forget to savor what makes us happy. Sit down with the morning cup of joe and breath in the delicate blend of cocoa beans. Feel the warmth as you lift it to your lips and the different taste that swirl in that first sip. Energize your senses further with the scent of Sweet Tangerine swirl through the air with our Revive Natural Diffuser Oil. A perfect combination to energize any morning.



Wind down in the evening with a warm bath to release the tensions of the day and relax the senses. Leave all stress and stimulation, such as phones or work materials, outside the room. This is a time for you to check in with yourself to reflect and embrace your true feelings of the day. Lavender + Cedar fills the air with the nurturing Rest Himalayan Salt Therapy, an add on for your bath full of healing Epsom salts, super seed oils and mineral rich pink sea salts harvested in from the Himalayan Mountains.


Breathe in Nature

Connection to nature is a human need that we often forget about when we spend a lot of time in front of computers and screens. The majesty of nature is living right outside our doors, waiting for use to explore. Exploring nature reminds us of our earth’s beauty, but also of our own strength our bodies are capable of. Thymes love of nature is encapsulated in our most beloved fragrance, Frasier Fir. The forest ready fragrance of aromatic Siberian fir, cedarwood and sandalwood create an instant escape to the great outdoors.


Yoga Meditation

Yoga has spanned centuries and cultures to become one of today’s go to methods of relaxation. Unfortunately, its benefits of mindfulness have often been overshadowed by its exercise of the body. Do your practice with an intention to connect to the ground on which you are resting, feel the breaths warm up your body and find your balance in the true center of your body. Prepare a clean space for all your senses to thrive with the Thymes Home Care, a collection of bright and exhilarating fragrances to energize your practice

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