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Tiare Monoi

Retiring Soon!

Intoxicating Tiare flower. Shimmering osmanthus. Sultry ylang ylang. Sparkling heliotrope. Rich agarwood.

Tiare Monoi Body Lotion

Tiare Monoi
Body Lotion

4.3 rating4.3 rating4.3 rating4.3 rating4.3 rating

$25.00 $12.50

50% Off

Tiare Monoi Body Wash

Tiare Monoi
Body Wash

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

$21.00 $10.50

50% OFF

Tiare Monoi Bubble Bath

Tiare Monoi
Bubble Bath

3.8 rating3.8 rating3.8 rating3.8 rating3.8 rating

$32.00 $16.00

50% OFF

Tiare Monoi Cologne

Tiare Monoi

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

$40.00 $20.00

50% off

Tiare Monoi Hand Cream

Tiare Monoi
Hand Cream

4.5 rating4.5 rating4.5 rating4.5 rating4.5 rating

$18.00 $9.00

50% OFF

The Tiare Monoi Collection
is part of the Floral fragrance family.
4.9 rating4.9 rating4.9 rating4.9 rating4.9 rating

Reviews of Tiare Monoi

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Certified Purchaser

Exotic, but not overpowering

4.0 rating4.0 rating4.0 rating4.0 rating4.0 rating

I'm not usually a floral fragrance kind of person, but I read the reviews for the Tiare Monoi cologne and bought it on a whim. The reviews were right: it's enchanting and exotic without being too heavy. It's a very summery scent, but I love it too much not to wear it year-round.

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Certified Purchaser

Oooohhhh Monoi

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

Like the other poster, I too remember Coco Monoi.. haven't even been on this site since they discontinued my favorite scent. Now I am back to check to see if it returned, found this one and now it's leaving too! Ooooohhhhh I miss Coco Monoi... please bring it back, and pump up your advertising! So many would love it (and your company) but don't even know how wonderful your products are... and the Monoi flavors.. yum!!!
Olive Leaf and Eucalyptus and also wonderful.. but Coco Monoi was absolutely the best ever..

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Certified Purchaser

Brings me back to being in Tahiti

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

Tiare Monoi - Gardenia flower petals soaked in coconut oil - monoi being a 'scented oil'. I first discovered Monoi oil in 1989 on my first trip to Tahiti and Moorea. When Thymes first released Coco Monoi, it was just as comparable to anything in the French Polynesian Islands. Luxurious, exotic. The Luxe Body Cream was to die for. It was also very expensive & the packaging stunning (and expensive to make, no doubt what with the glass bottles & all). It apparently didn't do well because it got released right around the start of the Recession (2008). I recommended to Stephanie (at Thymes) that she put this one away for awhile. Wait a few years, then bring it back - but in less expensive bottles (plastic v glass) and packaging. Lo and behold, here came Tiare Monoi. A bit different in the scent but close enough. Sorry to see that Tiare Monoi will be retired. One of my top 3 favorite scents at Thymes.

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5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

I received a sample of this intoxicating fragrance when I made a purchase of a room spray I couldn't stop smelling it on my skin and my husband loved it! Now it a favorite! It reminds me of the tropics and the smell of the flowers on the breeze Your company is the only one that knows how to do fragrance for the skin and home! There is nothing overpowering Just delicious, beautiful aromas! Everyone comments on them Thank you!

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Exotically Royal

5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating5.0 rating

Another gem I discovered in the sample pack and ADORE the translation of this scent across lotions, candles, and home fragrance! A light floral that reminds me of something an exotic princess would wear :) I love wearing this in the summer - its not too heavy to wear even on the most humid of days. A fabulous scent and keeper for sure!

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