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Rosewood Citron

Unusual Blend Creates Sweet Surprises

Jul 14

Just when I think I know my fragrance profile, I discover something new in the Thymes line that’s a revelation. All along I had believed I was a complete "floral" until my Jade Matcha Makeover. "Citrus" is way out on a limb for me-- but I was curious about the Damask rose and rosewood in the blend. So I embarked on yet another scent adventure.

I had tried a sample of the lotion with a previous order, and at the time my fleeting impression was “pleasant, but not me.” That was until I had a chance to wear a little more, a little longer...and then I was amazed. After the first uplifting rush of true sweet grapefruit evaporates, like bubbles in sparkling wine, a more complex and intriguing fragrance deepens and lingers. (“Smells good enough to eat,” commented a friend.)

My first day using the body wash, followed by body lotion and cologne, I noticed at the end of the day that I could still distinguish a resonant sweet blend of vetiver and roses. So far, only Goldleaf has lasted as long without reapplication. The most surprising aspect of Rosewood Citron is that it cascades and deepens over time, a waterfall of scent with you in the middle, creating a totally new individual fragrance. Here’s a fragrance that accomplishes the divine art of working with your personal chemistry to create an actual signature scent.

Guests love the bar soap. For two weeks I didn’t even want to unwrap it, because it looked so gorgeous in its dish. (The coral-rose tone matches my towels and shower curtains, too!) Thanks to its many dimensions, the home fragrance mist works in every room, from kitchen to bedroom, without being overwhelming.

I discovered yet another surprise one morning when I ran out of shampoo. Since I love the way the body wash lasts from dawn to dusk, I thought, why not wash my hair with it as well? First I noticed that my pillowcases started smelling like roses. Then after about a week I looked in the mirror and saw that my sunstreaked hair was definitely lighter, even though I had been indoors without a break. The particular combination of ingredients--probably due to the real grapefruit extract--had worked to bring out my natural highlights. Because I have some grey, sunshine has been a friend--but it roughens the texture of my fine hair. I don’t use hair dye, so now I have another little secret.

Best of all, Rosewood Citron is subtle and mysterious. Until people are close to you, they may not even realize you are wearing scent. So it’s an ideal choice for “politically correct” offices that forbid perfume. My sweet secret! Three of my favorite products are the cologne, the bubble bath (which is a guaranteed mood-lifter), and the luscious whipped body cream. Since Kimono Rose introduced its body cream, I have loved the luxurious texture of these richer lotions. The satiny feel of whipped body cream is better than meringue or custard or butter, even whipped cream. It’s smoother and silkier and slips on like a magic salve.

And speaking of magic, the rose hips oil, vitamin E, and other ingredients make this line a surprise in yet another way: bruises and cuts heal faster. I happened to injure my arm and hand in an elevator one day, and just kept applying the lotion and hand cream as I was recovering. Amazingly, the bruises never purpled--just went from brown to yellow, and the lacerations didn’t leave scars.

So now, thanks to the introduction of Rosewood Citron, I have the choice of yet another exquisite fragrance to make my day special. I wear it at home alone, or even to the grocery store. It’s my secret--and the surprises just keep on unfolding.

Author provided product by Thymes for review.


Lisa Davidson

Elle has lived in Hawai'i for ten years. For half that time, she has been addicted to Thymes products. A writer, she has worked in advertising, publishing, education, and government. In low light, she pretends to be 38.

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Kelley Wilson July 9, 2014

I have been an avid "Thymes" customer since 1995 when my first daughter was born and I received some Vetiver Bath Salts as a gift. Is there ANY chance that wonderful scent will make a return? I thought it was FABULOUS and thus my relationship with The Thymes began! The Kimoto Rose is a good second choice but I still cannot forget the Vetiver! Thanks so much!!

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