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Refreshing Eucalyptus

Scents of Spring in the Air

Mar 15

Of all of our collections, Eucalyptus holds several distinctions. One, it’s one of our very first fragrances, and it remains one of our best loved. Two, its glistening-green scent packs all the optimism of spring. Three, with that “y” and two “u”s, it’s a dickens to spell.

Still, putting the “you” in Eucalyptus has always come with ease.

Fans of Eucalyptus contact us frequently with stories about how they met. Emily Miller, for instance, first smelled Eucalyptus at age 14. “And I’ve loved it ever since,” she says, wearing it to senior prom, her wedding and even during the birth of her son.

Dina Castro is equally euphoric. She recently received Eucalyptus body lotion as a “little pre-baby mommy wellness gift” from an aunt. “Well, let me tell you! Between living in New York (stress), working in the hospital (stress) and adjusting to being a first-time mommy (stress), every time I use it I feel calm,” she says.

But Eucalyptus is not just for the ladies, as a fellow who labeled his comment “Good for guys” attests. “I was at my local wine store the other day,” he writes. “When I reached the counter the woman cashier looked at me and said, ‘You smell really good.’ I like the smell of Eucalyptus and I guess women do, too.”

That’s because the unisex, spring-fresh scent of Eucalyptus infuses the day with infinite possibilities. Which is precisely the reaction it inspired in our company’s founders some 30 years ago.

Standing at a backyard picnic table, the women, who were childhood friends, immersed their fragrant oil blend in a bath of warm water and hovered, curious to find out what would result.


Eucalyptus Beragmot Lemongrass Rosewood Fir

What unfurled were intricate layers of invigorating eucalyptus, bright citrus, energizing petitgrain, sweet bergamot, lively lemongrass, heady rosewood and lush fir. The aroma, both subtly and surprisingly fresh, was one of those rare “aha” moments perfume makers dream of.

Scooping the air toward their noses, they knew instantly that they had discovered a fragrance of uncommon character, complexity, warmth and depth. They named it Eucalyptus—and put all the “u”s and “y” in the right order.

Ever since, Eucalyptus has been one of our most popular collections. And its connection to its users remains a powerful—almost spiritual—one. As Gracie writes, “This scent smells like the Angels in Heaven have made this! It smells heavenly!” Thank you, Gracie, Dina, Emily and everyone out there who think the world of Eucalyptus.

Want to see—and experience—what the excitement is all about? Find out more about Thymes Eucalyptus here.

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devona foulk March 9, 2017

I would like the eucalyptus dusting powder

Janet December 6, 2015

i loved the thymes eucalyptus shampoo and condition set i received at a hotel recently! I do not see them as a product...any suggestions?

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