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My Jade Matcha Makeover

A Customer First Look

May 14

April, and spring is here. I had moved again, and was seeking new job opportunities, new activities, and new social outlets. I decided it was time to go out on a limb and try something different, redefine myself. Since I traditionally tend to choose Thymes floral fragrances--Goldleaf, Kimono Rose, Temple Tree Jasmine--I instead immersed myself in the “green” subtleties of the brand new Jade Matcha collection. I wanted a more sophisticated, unique scent profile, and was excited by the possibilities of a deep, sweet, and spicy blend. The “floral” girl was ready to grow up and become a “green” woman. This is not your grandmother’s perfume.

To tell the truth, at first I was both eager and anxious. Would the bergamot, lemongrass, and cardamom notes work with my body chemistry? Would my friends continue to compliment my fragrance and ask what I was wearing? Since starting out with Thymes in 2005, I’ve worn nothing else. And both women and men have been so impressed by the home and body products they become “converts.”

My makeover began April 2nd. When I opened my boxes and explored the packaging, I felt the delight of a first date ... in fact, the entire process has been a bit like falling in love. First impressions count, but then you have to play it day by day and see if the experience grows richer, happier--would I find my perfect match? As I unwrapped my items, I noticed that each element of the collection was beautifully designed, from the elegant ceramic sink set holder for the matching hand wash and hand lotion, to the longer, slimmer cologne rollerball. As usual with Thymes designs, the products dress up a room with glamorous prints, sensual shapes, and provocative design touches.

I was expecting a friend to drop by, so I sprayed the hallway with home fragrance mist, and then washed my hands with the creamy, sweetly scented bar soap. My friend noticed, asking what smelled so good when he walked in the door?

The next test was work. In many offices it’s no longer politically correct to wear fragrances, and that’s where Thymes really stands out: the scents are noticeable close-up, but natural and inoffensive. I showered with the body wash, applied a light layer of body lotion, which went on smoothly and absorbed rapidly. I topped it off with just a few sprays of the cologne for the ultimate scent layering strategy.

By mid-morning stressful meetings and too many cups of coffee had already distracted me, but when I sat back down at my desk I noticed a deep, sweet whisper that almost reminded me of sandalwood, but more feminine. I discovered new confidence when I realized this was “me.” My new, cool, refreshing Jade Matcha persona. Someone else asked what I was wearing, and I realized my makeover was going to be a success.

The hand wash is so emollient that I don’t need to use as much lotion as usual, but I keep the tube of hand cream in my briefcase and apply it when I need a break. I find it very satisfying to have delicately scented hands, as I am always pointing at type fonts on people’s computer screens, shaking hands, and passing out documents. There is a rich, inexplicable sweetness in the Jade Matcha that I never expected. Subtle but vibrant. Not too strong, but longlasting. And the scent is consistently delicious from product to product.

On the weekend I discovered that the bath oil makes a fantastic massage oil. My neck and back were sore, as always, and the oil was faintly warming and inexpressibly mood-lifting. It is not greasy or sticky, not too thin and not too thick. I couldn’t stop giving my muscles mini-massages all Saturday and Sunday. Then the next weekend I had a volunteer masseur!

Now my routine was established, and I was surprised to notice that I did feel a new, cool confidence at job interviews, during stressful meetings--even at dinner dates. The fragrance truly works with my chemistry, and I know that no one else smells exactly like me. I’ve always loved the unique melding of expensive, carefully selected ingredients against my own skin.

And my skin is even softer. I’ve worked hard to try to prevent sun damage and keep my skin smooth and toned--another reason I stick with Thymes products. I trust the quality of the ingredients. The men I am dating consistently remark on my soft youthful skin, which is a great boost to my middle-aged self-esteem. And who can resist being told they smell beautiful?

Living in Honolulu with many persons of Asian descent, jade is a very popular gemstone. They say that the more you wear it, the more it glows and shows the vitality of your body, reflecting your chi. I feel like Jade Matcha is helping to restore my vitality after a period of stress and upheaval--I don’t need jewelry to know that my glow is back.

I carry the cologne rollerball in my purse in case I need a quick touch-up, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how the body wash and lotion alone can get me through the day, so there is still a lingering, sophisticated sweetness even when the sun goes down. My sheets catch a bit of the scent at night when I put on the hand lotion. I am surrounded by the pleasures of a great new product, every minute of the day and night. And I never get tired of it.

Of course I’ll keep trying other fragrances, for fun and variety. I still enjoy my beautiful florals, and Clary Sage Tea, and the new Tiare Monoi. But my love affair with the entire Jade Matcha collection is off to a remarkable start ... I’m enjoying being a new, sweetly “green” woman. Thank you, Thymes!

Author provided product by Thymes for review.


Lisa Davidson

Her very first dab of Sweetleaf Baby transformed Elle into a Thymes addict. This poet and writer loves slow cooking, fast dancing, live music, organic gardening, and exploring possible futures. Elle attended graduate school on Oahu, where she is currently marooned.

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