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Love At First Smell

A Look at Mirabelle Plum

Aug 14

Let me begin by saying that I don’t usually wear fruity, floral fragrances. I tend toward bright, clean, citrusy scents and away from those that are overly sweet. In fact, I seem to have inherited my mother’s tendency to get a headache whenever I smell a strong floral fragrance, so as I read the scent profile of Mirabelle Plum, I was a little wary. But the fragrance is much different than any scent I’ve experienced, and so, for me and Mirabelle, it was love at first smell.

Mirabelle Plum is a lush combination of peony and Mirabelle plum blossoms, intertwined with the rich scents of amber and sandalwood. For me, it is those last two that make Mirabelle so different from other floral-and fruit-based fragrances. They add richness, softness and depth to the fragrance, making it distinctive and noticeable while allowing it to still remain subtle.

My new Mirabelle Plum products would receive their first major test the day after I received them: I left for a weekend camping trip at a campground at which we had to drive to get to a bathroom with running water. I tossed the travel size body lotion and cologne rollerball into my bag as an afterthought, and I’m so glad that I did! I applied both liberally throughout the weekend, and it was wonderful to be able to smell like lovely Mirabelle Plum instead of...whatever else I probably smelled like after a couple of days without a shower.

When I got home, I got to work incorporating the line into my daily routine, and I quickly fell in love with the whipped body cream. I have naturally dry skin, even in the summer, but moisturizing with this light but lush cream kept my skin soft and smooth. The powerful combination of shea butter, glycerin and vitamin E was able to help even my dry, cracked summer feet! I layered the fragrance, using the rich body wash in the shower and finishing with a few spritzes of cologne, and I was in business for the rest of the day.

One of the things I love the most about Mirabelle Plum, and about Thymes products in general, is that they maintain their scents without being overwhelming. I occasionally caught a whiff of Mirabelle Plum throughout the day, but I knew that the scent wasn’t overpowering to those I came in contact with.

This was especially important during the work day, as my office is strictly fragrance-free. I broke the rules and have had the hand cream on my desk for several weeks, and I have yet to receive a single complaint. I think that is largely due to Mirabelle Plum’s scent: it is rich but natural, layered but simple, unique but familiar. And so the hand cream will remain on my desk.

So Mirabelle Plum has now become part of my everyday life. I keep the hand wash and hand lotion on my bathroom sink, the body wash and bar soap in my shower, and various lotions all over my bedroom. Because the hand and body lotions are both so light and absorb so well, I can reapply them as needed (or just when I want another hit of the gorgeous scent) throughout the day without feeling greasy.

My husband even uses the bar and hand soaps, with no complaints about the scent being too “girly” – I think the amber and sandalwood can be credited for that. And the home fragrance mist has become a staple in our home. Instead of overpowering odors with a fake chemical smell, as many other room sprays tend to do, it manages to simply replace them with the light fragrance of Mirabelle Plum.

I tried to choose a favorite product from the line, and I wasn’t able to pick between my top two: the moisturizing lip duo and the candle.

I love candles but don’t normally burn them in the summer to avoid bringing any extra heat into my un-air-conditioned house. But the glass on the candle is thick and stays cool, and I love having the scent of Mirabelle Plum float throughout my house. I’ll definitely burn this candle year-round.

And the lip duo. Oh, the lip duo. This was the true test for a serious lip gloss addict like me, and I’m very happy to say that it passed with flying colors. The lip scrub was unlike any others I’ve tried – instead of having to wash it off, it just melted into my lips, adding moisture and softness. The lip gloss was smooth, thick but not sticky, and added a gorgeous and lasting shine. The duo would be the perfect gift for a lip gloss-loving lady!

Overall, my Mirabelle Plum experience was a highly positive one. I adore the scent and every product in the line, and I would recommend it to anyone who may be scent-averse or simply in need of a new fragrance. Mirabelle Plum won’t disappoint.

Author provided product by Thymes for review.

Erin Rohne

Erin Rohne

Erin lives in Minneapolis, where she works in nonprofit communications. She spends her free time exploring the city on her bike, coaxing vegetables out of her garden, walking her naughty dog and singing in a local women's choir.

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Connie Martin July 28, 2015

I couldn't agree more with what Erin Rohne said about Mirabelle Plum. I love all the products I use in this line. REALLY wish you would make dusting powder available also.

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