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Allure of Texture

Feb 13

We are a tactile-loving people. Our fingers love to touch velvet. To feel the nub of yarn, the warmth of skin, the smooth surface of silk. To pop bubble wrap.

And few things are better than a tactile experience combined with the pleasure of scent. Then again, few things are better than Mandarin Coriander, now featuring an enticing hobnail effect.

Our squeaky clean home fragrance collection, Mandarin Coriander gives a lift to daily cleansing duties. Carefully blended products help you revive interior spaces with nature’s essential oils, nutrient-rich botanicals and safe, biodegradable ingredients. Individually and in harmony, they release the fresh, bright citrus scent of cold-pressed mandarin oil, just-peeled orange and crisp, aromatic coriander to spread a sense of inviting freshness throughout your home, making it a more welcoming place for all who join you there.

New for spring, our redesign of two Mandarin Coriander products—reed diffuser and scented candle—incorporates a charming hobnail detail, those surface-texture bumps that compel fingers to touch and eyes to linger.

What’s hobnail, you ask? Traditionally, it’s a word that describes a short, large-headed nail used as studs by cobblers. For centuries, hobnails were pounded into the soles of boots to extend their wear and add grip.

Somehow, the distinctive form found its way into the handmade glass industry, where it grew popular during the Victorian era. From the 1920s to the 1950s, a resurgence brought hobnail to vases, perfume bottles and milk-glass dining sets; the pattern is created by blowing or pressing glass into a mold. Companies in England and the United States, such as Fenton Hobnail Glass, made their names—and survived the Great Depression—thanks to consumer interest in the effect.

Today, Mandarin Coriander introduces a hobnail look on the white-glazed ceramic containers of three wonderful products:

Mandarin Coriander Hobnail Reed Diffuser: A charming, eco-friendly twist on home fragrance. Slender rattan reeds absorb the fragrant diffuser oil, releasing the fresh, bright citrus scent of Mandarin Coriander.

Mandarin Coriander Hobnail Candle: Crisp and clean, this long-lasting scented candle layers your surroundings in the fresh, bright citrus scent of Mandarin Coriander. Light often to spread a sense of inviting freshness throughout your home.

Mandarin Coriander 3-Wick Candle with Bird Lid: This charming set pairs a ceramic songbird top with a Mandarin Coriander scented candle. Container and lid are reusable, lending new meaning to “fresh, clean, green”!

To our eye (and fingers), hobnail is a way to embrace modern chic with a vintage wink. These collectible items make thoughtful housewarming and/or shower gifts for all lovers of Mandarin Coriander's home fragrance collection.

To welcome them into your home, visit your local specialty retailer or the Mandarin Coriander collection.

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Shirley sessman February 12, 2013

i really enjoy the various scents I purchased. With four dogs and dozen people coming and going it always has a nice scent.

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