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Green Tea Redux

Thymes Classics Brings Back A Signature Scent

Aug 13

To say people are passionate about Green Tea is like saying bees like flowers and falcons fly fast.

Green Tea aficionados are much like coffee addicts: they don’t want to go one day without it! And who can blame them? Clean and timeless, this mind-clearing scent is a bright balance between dynamic and harmonious, vivacious and soothing.

For all those who have missed this signature scent, we have good news: Green Tea is back!

One of four Thymes Classics to relaunch this spring (along with Fig Leaf & Cassis, Ginger Milk and Sleep Well), Green Tea returns as your signature fragrance—a green scent with exotic Oriental and bright citrus notes. In Green Tea, brisk green tea and Moroccan rose are subtly infused with spiced honey and soft woods.

At the time of its original launch—as, again, today—fragrances created with green tea were singularly appealing. Green Tea soon won converts from women and men alike—at times from both sides of the same bathroom cabinet.

In our creation of Thymes Classics, we asked fans to write essays suggesting which fragrances to bring back. An enthusiastic crew voiced strong support for Green Tea. Among them was Shirley Kodele, who sounded as though she were hanging precariously on a limb, reaching for her last drop.

As Shirley wrote: “I hadn’t had a favorite fragrance since I was in high school until I found your Green Tea. Since you retired the Green [Tea] line I have been coveting my last bottle. I’ve tried other fragrances but none of them have that fresh smell that your Green Tea does. Please bring my Green Tea back I’m down to the last few drops.”

Thank you, Shirley, for sharing your wishes, and to all of you who contributed memories of your favorite Thymes fragrances. We heard you, and we hope your day will soon be brightened by Green Tea.

For those curious about Green Tea, here are additional essay snippets, edited for brevity.

In your own words:

“This is hands-down the very best fragrance for either a woman or a man. I am currently doling out my remaining body lotion like it was liquid gold. Bring it back so I can stock up and no longer have to share with my husband!”

“I always felt good wearing it. I found the scent to be relaxing and uplifting—just the boost I needed.”

“It was my signature fragrance for years.”

“A fresh, clean fragrance which complemented my body chemistry and from which I received many compliments. During the height of the ‘green tea’ craze yours stood out as a classic. The undercurrents of rose and lavender added warmth and subtleness.”

“What a wonderful surprise to send to my sister!!!!”

Ready to steep yourself in the Green Tea mystique? Find it here, in four products for body and home use, with some in fragrance lovers’ sizes. Stock up—and, better still, buy some for your sister, too!

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Alyson gross August 30, 2018

Please bring back the green tea candle.

Heather Conklin April 30, 2018

Hiya, Still looking on the site for the home fragrance mist in Green Tea. The article says you’ve brought it back but I can’t find it! Thank you, Heather

Barbara Peradeze December 7, 2015

I receive your emails, each time praying that the GREEN TEA candle is back. Even when it wasn't burning, I was still able to detect its intoxicating aroma. It has been years that I continue searching for even one that had been lost or misplaced on a shelf somewhere. When I didn't have access to the Internet, I traveled many miles to a store that carried Thymes. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, bring the GREEN TEA candle back. This time, I'll purchase enough to last for years. I just would not want to experience the withdrawal again. I have a rare and very painful neurological disorder, and I'm sure it would also be therapeutic for me. Any chance?

Francine Eisenmann July 21, 2014

I am thrilled that you brought the Green Tea fragrance back into the Thymes family once again! Thank you!

Mary Ann Konopski June 15, 2014

Hi Love your products.....I wanted to ask that you bring back the Ginger Milk Foaming Bath.....I am allergic to bubble bath and gels but I can use the foaming milk......ALSO........PLEASE Please....Reconsider the "Harmony" Scent.........I used to absolutely LIVE in that product and I miss its calming was wonderful.....Thanks so much....keep up the good work.........(and it would be GREAT if you had the bath salts in bottles again, those little envelopes in my 72 inch tub just doesn't cut it).....thanks so much !!!!

maureen rahenkamp February 24, 2014

Need to make gifty ideas in the Green Tea fragrance..... Should have never let it go but glad it's back.

judy December 3, 2013

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that you've brought back the Green Tea line! When I learned you were "retiring" this fragrance I contacted every local bath and body shop I could find hoping to buy their remaining stock.When that proved fruitless I extended my search online, eventually purchasing what must have been the last four bottles of bubble bath on the planet. It was a dark day indeed when I poured the final drop into my bath. I'm delighted that you listened to your customers (I knew I couldn't possibly be the only one!) and brought back this heavenly line. Feeling good and smelling even better!

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