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Fragrant Foundations

The inspiration behind the two latest Thymes fragrances

Jul 14

Inspiration can come from so many places—especially when it comes to fragrance. Here, Thymes Fragrance Designer, Stacy Brown, shares her insight behind our latest lovelies: Mirabelle Plum and Tupelo Lemongrass.

Can you explain the ideas behind the new Thymes fragrance, Mirabelle Plum?

Mirabelle Plum is our first launch into the fruit fragrance family in a while. It really came out of the desire to create a unique fragrance to satisfy the desires of those looking for a fruitier scent. But we really wanted it to be a lovely balance—not so sweet and fruity—to make it an interesting scent too.

Fruity fragrances tend to be more playful. How did you create Mirabelle Plum to be more sophisticated?

It really depends on how you blend a fragrance and what you put in it. If you’re blending a fruit and a marshmallow note, then you’re going to have a really sweet, over-the-top fragrance. For Mirabelle Plum, we tried to marry the fruit fragrance with green notes and wood notes to tone down the fruitiness and to make it more interesting.

There are so many different kinds of fruit. Why plum?

For a while, happy, sunny fruits with fleshy, peachy notes were very popular. But dark stone fruits are really on-trend right now. Fruits like plums and currants lend more of a mystery—a deeper character. There’s also a trend toward making fragrances more serious and edgy, which in turn makes them more intriguing. Dark stone fruits fit this fragrance profile very well.

Can you describe the packaging design for Mirabelle Plum?

Well, of course the purple color palette was pretty much a given! And the swirly artwork gives a sort of bubbly and juicy quality to it. Like the fragrance, the packaging has an overall effervescence—a bursting, juicy goodness—to it.

And what was behind the creation of Tupelo Lemongrass?

Tupelo Lemongrass was really inspired by fashion trends we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. There’s this whole easy-breezy bohemian trend in fashion and home décor that we tapped into for this fragrance concept. Tupelo Lemongrass is very citrusy. It’s very happy and super easy-going. It’s very much like hanging out on the river on a sun-dappled day—barefoot and fancy-free. I should also mention that this is a scent that tested really well with our Fragrance Panel. So it’s one of the highest ranked fragrances we have in our portfolio.

You get that easy-breezy feeling from the packaging design too.

Exactly! You’ve got floral motifs going—some chamomile references—things that go back to that sunny and floral, bohemian-inspired print. It feels kind of like a patchwork picnic blanket in a way. You’ll also see a little sunburst on the packaging—giving it that whole laid-back feeling of a sunny day.

Can you describe the new Tupelo Lemongrass Honey Bath? It almost looks edible!

Yes, Honey Bath is heavenly! And it’s exclusive to the Tupelo Lemongrass line. It’s a bubble bath, but it has a completely different sensory experience. You’ve got this beautiful formula that has the consistency of whipped honey. It’s a little bit stiff but then when you get it into the water, it just bubbles up so nicely and delivers this super-fresh fragrance. It looks and feels like actual spun honey. It’s really an innovative formula that allows a little more interaction.

Thymes introduced new lip care products with Mirabelle Plum and Tupelo Lemongrass. What makes these products unique?

Yes, lip care is a fun new category for us that we’re really excited about! This is a great product duo that works together—a little treat for your lips that makes them super-soft and moisturized. First, there’s an exfoliating sugar scrub that you totally want to eat, that you apply, maybe massage it in a little bit, then wipe off. Then you follow that up with the most deliciously flavored lip gloss. The Tupelo Lemongrass is like lemon chiffon—so good. And Mirabelle Plum tastes like a juicy plum. The lip gloss doesn’t give you a lot of color so you can wear it over your favorite lipstick, but it looks fabulous on its own and it offers a lot of moisturizing power. The lip duo makes a charming little gift and it leaves lips feeling so moisturized and amazing!

Are there any other products you want to highlight with the new fragrances?

Yes! The Mirabelle Plum Whipped Body Cream is one of our star products and so indulgent. It’s packaged in a beautiful tub and is a lot thicker and loftier than your typical body lotion. It goes on sheer and glossy—not too heavy—and it’s super-moisturizing. It’s another example of a luxurious sensory experience of a beautiful fragrance married with a great formula. Another favorite is the Tupelo Lemongrass Body Scrub. There’s a super-fine grit to it so it’s not overly abrasive. It’s really sudsy and exfoliating and the glycerin in it makes it really moisturizing too.


Stacy Brown
New Product & Fragrance Designer

Curious by nature, Stacy loves to experiment with flavors and fragrance. When she’s not gathering inspiration for the latest Thymes fragrance, she can be found mixing up culinary delights or playing with her Chihuahua pal, Millie.

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