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Filigree, Finessed

Refinement, Redefined

Nov 14

Some classics kindle slowly, over time, to achieve their pedigree.

Then there’s Filigree.

One of Thymes’ earliest fragrances, Filigree has captured hearts by the handful with its air of approachable sophistication. An instant classic that happily mingles in contemporary realms, Filigree now comes in sizes sure to please any aficionado—or the gift givers who indulge them.

And it’s all thanks to you, Filigree fans.

Since August, we’ve been quietly taking your pulse on the future of certain collections. In mere months we received thousands of e-mail requests to retain Filigree as a Thymes Classics, along with Azur and Moonflower. Each collection has a fiercely loyal following, clearly.

Your wish is our pleasure. That’s why we’re delighted to announce the availability of your favorite Filigree products in three generous sizes, just in time for the holiday gift-giving season: Filigree bath & shower gel, body lotion and eau de parfum.

Whether used for luxurious cleansing, ultra-moisturizing or simply to make you feel like your best self, each Thymes Classics Filigree choice is a fulfilling sensory experience that’s rich in natural emollients.

Originally launched in 1999, Filigree was created to express an attitude of modern luxury and elegance. Its soft, musky-woods base and vanilla undertones soon became a signature Thymes fragrance.

For those new to Filigree, allow us to introduce the complex fragrance that has captured so many hearts. The signature scent of modern luxury, Filigree unfolds in an intricate layering of rich amber, warm cedar wood and neroli. Clean and lovely, this evocative scent is poetic, elemental and a celebration of the unique in each of us.

Looking to wow your Filigree fan or restore your own supply—at a great value to boot? Gift Sets are an ideal way to enjoy Filigree, along with all six other Thymes Classics fragrances. Priced at only $95, each set ($120 retail value) contains a bath & shower gel, body lotion and perfume. That’s a savings of $25—which gives you even more to love.

As the holidays approach and lists start to lengthen, give a gift you know they’ll appreciate. And, remember, sometimes the best gift is the one you give yourself. Find your inspiration at

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Nancy Kenney January 8, 2016

I can't thank you enough for bringing back my favorite fragrance, Filigree. I was beyond sad when I discovered that it had been discontinued. You can't know how thrilled I was to order Filigree again today. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't get a compliment on the perfume I'm wearing. The real secret here is that very ofter, I have only used the bath & shower gel in my morning shower yet it stays with me all day! You are the best for listening to customers wishes! NK

Deb January 15, 2015

I was so thrilled to see this. I ordered the body lotion and the shower gel. Now I won't be afraid to use the very last of the bubble bath! I have kept it going forever. And then there is the last bar of soap, never used, still in the box. Just sniffed to death! What a pleasant surprise to see that it exists. I may never use that last bar of soap... just in case you change your minds and discontinue it. I will still be able to smell it and not necessarily wear it. Thank you!

Margie Milowe January 14, 2015

Will they ever bring back Filigree dusting powder

Mary Mort November 22, 2014

amber is awesome

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