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A Sensible Fragrance for a Scent-Averse Gal

Jul 14

I am what you would call a scent-averse person. I once had to quit a job at a certain young adult clothing retailer after only four days of employment because the perfume-drenched atmosphere made me physically ill. Granted, that’s an extreme case, but the whole situation, even years later, has left me less than excited about pursuing new fragrances.

Add pregnancy to the picture, and now my super-sniffer puts an even bigger restriction on the smells I can enjoy. Still, I prefer not to walk around smelling like nothing, so I was thrilled to discover Thymes’ delectably delicate line, Tupelo Lemongrass.

I actually had to look up the word Tupelo. It’s a type of tree, the genus of which refers to a Greek water nymph - and that’s exactly what I felt like after slathering the creamy body lotion all over my limbs.

The first whiff of body lotion gives you a bright, lemony “I’m awake now!” introduction with just a hint of floral undertone. A small amount really goes a long way before disappearing into skin without a trace of oily residue. My skin was left feeling completely dry and soft. And, the delicate fragrance left behind lasted all the way through my workday; a gently persistent perfume that just wouldn’t quit, yet mild enough for my sensitive taste. Love it.

The companion body wash has the same intense citrus burst, the kind that leaves you no doubt about your level of cleanliness. Similarly, the hand wash hits you with a powerful citrus note that dissipates quickly, while the lightweight hand lotion absorbs instantly to leave behind a silky finish and just the slightest floral-laced essence.

To me, the scent is much more Meyer-lemon than lemongrass, but really it just smells like summer in a bottle. If you can’t tell already, the thing I like best about this line is how at first the fragrance packs a solid punch, yet quickly softens to a very subdued finish. Fresh and breezy, it lingers on the edge of your mind like the smell of sunshine on line-dried clothes.

Tupelo trees are known for their prized, mild tasting honey, which is found in the luxuriously bubbly bubble bath. Nothing softens skin quite like this age-old remedy, so I called up my inner-Cleopatra and set about to soak up these miracle suds. I used a dollop of bath in a small basin to soak my tired, swollen feet, and the results envied those of a top notch pedi (minus the polish of course).

The beautifully packaged candle is probably the mellowest of all the Tupelo Lemongrass products, and thus, one of my favorites. To me, it smells the most strongly of honey, and the warm glow of the amber-colored glass invites you to lean your head back, close your eyes and melt along with the wax. A perfect pairing with the bubble bath - which is also beautifully crafted, I must add. The attention to detail here is stunning - hand-tied hemp ribbon adorned with natural wood and resin beads and artisan papers rich with design and texture are extra special touches perfect for gift-giving.

I was also surprised to discover how moisturizing the bar soap was on my hands. Given the frequent trips to the bathroom these days, a non-drying soap is a huge plus! Paired with the instantly-absorbing hand lotion, I’m on track to have soft, smooth hands for the first time I get to hold my baby.

But, being the scentsitive woman that I am, the biggest test for my approval was the home fragrance mist and the cologne - two types of products I normally don’t seek to purchase. Let’s start with the most shocking: despite my previous traumatic experience, I actually liked the cologne!

Last but not least, the home fragrance mist is packed with sweet, warm vanilla tones - very distinct from the heavy citrus in rest of the line. While it’s a bit strong upon first spray, I’ve found that if I mist a room and come back ten minutes later, the aromatics are perfect. It’s also worth mentioning that this one was my husband's favorite!

It’s been a while since my old subtle standby, the Gardener hand cream, was retired from Thymes fragrance repertoire, but I’m totally over it now that I’ve found this new unique scent to satisfy my mild-mannered cravings.

Author provided product by Thymes for review.

Andrea Drewek

Andrea Steen

Andrea is a Minnesota transplant, who, after nine years, has finally decided to embrace the polar vortex and put down roots. She stays grounded with good friends, good food, yoga, and soaking up every ounce of sun while it lasts.

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Sheri Barker August 29, 2014

Upon further search of your website I came across Filigree! This is my grandmother's home fragrance and the one I used until it was discontinued. I pray there are enough requests for it to be brought back. It brings back so many wonderful memories of my loving, quietly classic grandmother and I miss the fragrance very much. It may sound silly but it is one of the few things in life that cannot be replaced and the longing for does not go away. It has long been said that fragrances can bring up memories and it is true. At 57, I can recall faint memories of Japan by a certain type of wood burning, where I lived at the age of 2-3! I enjoyed the fragrance of Filigree at my grandmother's house her whole life. I miss her and the warm feelings your Filigree fragrance brings back of her, for me. I just wanted you to know just how special your fragrance has been for so many people. Thank you, Sheri Barker

Sheri Barker August 29, 2014

Hi! My grandmother used Thyme in her house and it is a nostalgic fragrance I searched for, for many years as an adult. About 10 yrs ago I stumbled across a home boutique that carried your line and recognizing the label I found the fragrance I longed for. The boutique has long been closed and I can no longer recall the name of the fragrance accept that when I did remember it I looked it up on line and it was discontinued. Gold Leaf is the only one that is close to it. I am hoping someone can tell me some of the original scents and if any will be brought back one day. It was slightly more spice based than the Gold leaf. At least that is what my worn out sniffer detects. I have lost a lot of my sense of smell and older age has built up my allergies so sensitivity to fragrances like floras and fruit based scents bother my eyes and system much more than spice based scents. Many lotions break me out and as I age I find I need help keeping my skin moisturized. Plus I love to have a fragrance for my home. My allergies are so bad now I have been unable to wear perfumes for years without a headache and watery eyes. I can still wear my Burberry original very lightly (spray once and walk through it) as long as it doesn't touch my skin. While Gold Leaf is said to be floral it has a more earthy scent as does the fragrance I am looking for. I'll try the Gold Leaf for now but sure hope I can find out the name of the other fragrance and that is is brought back! If you can recommend a spice/earthy fragrance and possibly a sample. I don't want to buy a lot of samples I cannot use. Thank you, Sheri Barker.

Evelyn Phipps August 5, 2014

Hi, I LOVE your products, especially the lotion, it's the best lotion I've ever used. I used to use a Fig & Cassis scent you had, but you no longer make it. I go for lighter scents and this Lemongrass sounds perfect for me. I too get gagged out by strong scents and have been wearing the same perfume since college (Chanel Cristalle) because everything else gives me a headache or make me sick. I was wondering if you could send me a sample of this new scent before I try it? I don't want to commit to a whole bottle of something I won't use. I hope you can help, thanks in advance!

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