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A Fragrance to Fall For

Creating Warmth in the Home

Oct 14

I am a very picky person, especially about scented items in my home. I don’t want it to smell “perfumey” or overpower all the natural smell of “home.” Scented items are sometimes a source of conflict, since my husband has sensitivity to many overly perfumed products. I, too, have often found myself getting headaches or sore throats after bringing scented items home.

A wax candle warmer lasted a scant two hours, then was promptly unplugged and moved outdoors into the snowy landscape. I have received many items as gifts over the years that sit unused, until I eventually, months to years later, throw them out. Like I said, I am very picky.

I will enthusiastically pronounce my love for Thymes products. My first encounter with Thymes was a housewarming gift from a friend that contained home cleaning and scented bath products. I absolutely loved them: simple, sweet without becoming overwhelming. They were a background note, not a slap in the face. Since then, we always have had several products on hand. My favorite scents in the past have been Green Tea and Lavender Bergamot.

Recently, I tried the new Gingerbread product line and have to say, the warm and woodsy scent has transitioned me from summer to fall. I normally go for clean scents that border on the male/female spectrum. Not too girly. This fits that bill. It might be coincidence, but as soon as I got them in the mail, leaves started changing colors and the air turned dry and crisp.

Gingerbread is notably different than other fall/winter scents that I am accustomed to. It’s not overly sweet and pungent, like many scents this time of year. It has the warmth and comfort needed, but it has something more complex to it: an earthiness, reminiscent of fall leaves and chopped wood. It is rather complex and it seems to highlight different aromas at different times.

I have to say, after using the candles for a few days, I had to look on the website to see again what the fragrance notes were. There was something nostalgic about it, but I couldn’t place it right away. That’s the thing with this scent - it changes its notes. The hand wash is brighter and seems a little sweeter, and the hand lotion has a little more musk to it.

They don’t just smell good, but they work just as well. As I’ve said, I am picky. As most women can attest to, lotion can be a tricky thing. I find one I like and stick with it. This one works well. It absorbs and does its job. After I put it on, it quickly absorbs without any greasy, powdery or silky after effects. I’ve even caught myself smelling my hands hours after I’ve put it on, which could be an embarrassing side effect, but one I’m willing to live with! I’ve hung the ornament sachet in my towel closet and love how it give the towels a scent on par and rivaling cedar.

I would highly recommend this scent to someone looking for that fall/winter warm and snuggly feeling. Being more than an average seasonal scent, I’m sure you, like I, will fall for its earthy complexity.

Author provided product by Thymes for review.

Andrea Drewek

Amelia Anders

Amelia is an art teacher living in Iowa. In her spare time she can be found working on home improvement projects, creating something artistic or desperately trying to burn off her dog's excess energy.

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Judy Beall January 30, 2015

The Gingerbread is awesome .....12 months a year. I do hope this fragrance will be available continously. I have ordered a 6 month supply since Christmas. Please do not ever discontinue this wonderful fragrance.

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