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Welcome to the Thymes Fragrance Insider Blog

A peek behind the curtain, where you can connect with Thymes artisans. Here, you’ll find expert opinions, fascinating features and meaningful musings from the finest minds in fragrance.

Read More About - Beauty Beyond Fragrance

Beauty Beyond Fragrance

An insider’s look at the new Thymes redesign

You may have noticed the fresh new look blossoming at Thymes: new packaging, new website—even a few new products. Here, Thymes Marketing Director, Liz Thompson, shares her thoughts on the big changes… Read more

Read More About - Scents of Discovery

Scents of Discovery

How to give a fragrance

Because fragrance is such a personal expression, the prospect of choosing a fragrance for another can be daunting. But by gathering a few hints and putting some thought into it, it’s possible to select a fragrance that will be both meaningful and appreciated… Read more

Read More About - Scents & Sensibility

Scents & Sensibility

Find Your Fragrance Personality

Nothing is more personal than fragrance. It’s connected to our individual tastes, experiences, associations, moods, body chemistry and spirit. So, how do you choose a fragrance that’s right for you—or as a gift for someone else… Read more

Read More About - Spice: The Variety of Life

Spice: The Variety of Life

An Aromatic Route

Two of the three wise men were right: spice is always a welcome gift. (Gold, of course, needs no invitation.) But what are these things we call spices… Read more

Read More About - Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Home Fragrance Gifts In The Bag

During this season of bustle, busy shoppers and helpful storekeepers are all trying to accomplish one thing: delivering the holiday goods… Read more

Read More About - 10 Tips for Surefire Gifts

10 Tips for Surefire Gifts

Expert Tips From a Longtime Retailer

Choosing a gift seems easy: just give them something they’ll love. In reality, it can sometimes feel like trying to ride a unicycle. In heels. Backwards… Read more

Read More About - All in a Lather

All in a Lather

The Dish About Soap

Many people have strong soda pop preferences. Some lean toward brown eggs over white... The politics of the soap bar seem similarly split. If you grew up using body wash, your hand instinctively reaches for a container full… Read more

Read More About - Ingredient Feature: Epsom Salt

Ingredient Feature: Epsom Salt

Superstar Mineral Miracle

Despite its olde-timey associations, soaking with Epsom salts transcends its place in medical folklore to win a spot in modern science… Read more

Read More About - Just Cut, Forest Fresh

Just Cut, Forest Fresh

New Ways To Experience Frasier Fir

This season greets you with more great Frasier Fir choices than ever. A new assortment of home accents brings the outdoors in, with seasonal… Read more

Read More About - Green Tea Redux

Green Tea Redux

Thymes Classics Brings Back A Signature Scent

Green Tea aficionados are much like coffee addicts: they don’t want to go one day without it! And who can blame them? Clean and timeless… Read more

Read More About - Berry Good Wildwood

Berry Good Wildwood

Like hot cider around a bonfire on a cool late-harvest day, Black Currant & Birchwood is a perfect complement to Wildwood’s current fall offerings… Read more

Read More About - Allure of Texture

Allure of Texture

And few things are better than a tactile experience combined with the pleasure of scent. Then again, few things are better than Mandarin Coriander, now featuring an enticing hobnail effect… Read more