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A peek behind the curtain, where you can connect with Thymes artisans. Here, you’ll find expert opinions, fascinating features and meaningful musings from the finest minds in fragrance.

Read More About - A Star Turn for Thymes

A Star Turn for Thymes

Behind the Scenes at ‘The Balancing Act’

Imagine testing fragrances, blindfolded, in front of a studio audience. That’s what Julie Moran, host of The Balancing Act®, recently did as she experienced Thymes fragrances with Anne Sempowski Ward, CEO of Thymes, as her sure-footed guide… Read more

Read More About - It’s in the Bag!

It’s in the Bag!

Thymes Sample Beauty Bag

There are two kinds of fragrance lovers in the world: One who finds something she likes and sticks with it, and the other who’s always on a quest of discovery. Thymes Sample Beauty Bags wonderfully satisfy… Read more

Read More About - Reed Diffuser 101

Reed Diffuser 101

5 Ways to get the Best Bloom

It’s spring, so the fragrant blooms of buds and bulbs are popping up all around. But for those familiar with Thymes Reed Diffusers, nature’s freshest scents are abloom year round… Read more

Read More About - Refreshing Eucalyptus

Refreshing Eucalyptus

Scents of Spring in the Air

Of all of our collections, Eucalyptus holds several distinctions. One, it’s one of our very first fragrances, and it remains one of our best loved. Two, its glistening-green scent packs all the optimism of spring… Read more

Read More About - New Fragrance in Bloom

New Fragrance in Bloom

A reinvention of a classic favorite

How do you celebrate the 25th anniversary of an iconic fragrance with a fiercely loyal following? To honor our beloved Goldleaf, the traditional gift of silver was not going to suffice. Instead, we created… Read more

Read More About - Home Care Hints

Home Care Hints

Ways to make spring cleaning a breeze

Few rituals are more satisfying than spring cleaning. So before the crocuses lift their cheerful heads, be sure to make your chore list, assemble your tools and prepare for… Read more

Read More About - A Star is Born

A Star is Born

Body Scrub Wins Coveted Allure ‘Best’ Award

Aqua Coralline Body Scrub, for those who haven’t yet discovered it, is a light foaming scrub that polishes dry skin to reveal a smooth, even texture. It’s an energizing skin slougher full of… Read more

Read More About - Feeling Exposed? Tips for Winter Skin

Feeling Exposed? Tips for Winter Skin

Don't leave your skin out in the cold!

The wonderland that is winter, those three-ish months that put a healthy blush in our cheeks, can wreak havoc on our skin. The recipe is easy to see: bitter cold plus winter’s ultra-dry air equals… Read more

Read More About - Fresh-picked Fragrances

Fresh-picked Fragrances

Choose a gift your Valentine will love

Since the ancient Greeks, flowers have been a symbol of love. That’s because their fleeting beauty, intoxicating aroma and extraordinary rarity made them among the most… Read more

Read More About - Ingredient Feature: Lavender

Ingredient Feature: Lavender

Calming, Clarifying and Intoxicating

Imagine walking through a verdant herb garden, where spikes of lavender sway in the breeze, releasing wisps of sweet, balsamic floral fragrance. In a word, heaven… Read more

Read More About - Artisan Jewelry Gifts

Artisan Jewelry Gifts

A collision of scent, sight and touch

When I was approached by Thymes to design a few unique jewelry pieces to embody the essence of the Jade Matcha, Tiare Monoi and Lotus Santal fragrances, I knew I was in for a big challenge… Read more

Read More About - More Azur, Please

More Azur, Please

An Oceanic Thymes Classic

The warmth of the sand. The salty spray of the surf. The softening effect of seawater on skin. A brisk ocean breeze. That’s the revitalizing… Read more

Read More About - Filigree, Finessed

Filigree, Finessed

Refinement, Redefined

One of Thymes’ earliest fragrances, Filigree has captured hearts by the handful with its air of approachable sophistication. An instant classic that happily mingles in contemporary realms, Filigree now comes in sizes sure to… Read more

Read More About - Moonflower Blossoms

Moonflower Blossoms

A seductive, shimmering scent

A little black dress. Pearls. Strappy heels. This sartorial recipe has been a classic since the days of Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly. Polished with a spritz of sparkling Moonflower, and you’re… Read more

Read More About - A Fragrance to Fall For

A Fragrance to Fall For

Creating Warmth in the Home

Recently, I tried the new Gingerbread product line and have to say, the warm and woodsy scent has transitioned me from summer to fall. I normally go for clean scents that border on the male/female spectrum. Not too girly. This fits that bill. It might be coincidence, but as soon as I got them in the mail… Read more

Read More About - Let's Get Cozy

Let's Get Cozy

Gingerbread Turns Up the Warmth

Throw another log on the fire and get ready to ignite a new holiday passion: Gingerbread, Thymes’ latest seasonal fragrance. A modern fragrance inspired by age-old traditions… Read more

Read More About - Reviews Contest Grand Prize Winner

Reviews Contest Grand Prize Winner

Lavender Collection

Magic...that's the operative word here. I have ordered and enjoyed this fragrance for, literally, decades! I have tried lots of lavender scented products over the years. This one from THYMES outshines them all. It is the… Read more

Read More About - Reviews Contest Week 4 Winner

Reviews Contest Week 4 Winner

Eucalyptus Candle

I love the eucalyptus fragrance. Thymes makes a superb quality product that is long lasting and comes in a glass container with a beauty design on it. I give Thymes products as gifts because I know my friends and family will love them as much as I do.… Read more

Read More About - Reviews Contest Week 3 Winner

Reviews Contest Week 3 Winner

Aqua Coralline Body Lotion

Aqua Corraline carries me back to The Four Seasons at Palm Springs with luxury and relaxation. I smell this scent and the sky is blue, the sun is warm, the rolling surf is welcoming, and the experience is full. Back at home I finish my work and… Read more

Read More About - Reviews Contest Week 2 Winner

Reviews Contest Week 2 Winner

Olive Leaf Cologne

After trying a sample of Olive Leaf, I HAD TO HAVE IT! Fresher than a walk in morning dew. I am always looking for 'my scent.' I have found it. Natural, earthy, clean. I HAVE FOUND IT!… Read more

Read More About - Love At First Smell

Love At First Smell

A Look at Mirabelle Plum

Let me begin by saying that I don’t usually wear fruity, floral fragrances. I tend toward bright, clean, citrusy scents and away from those that are overly sweet. In fact, I seem to have inherited my mother’s… Read more

Read More About - Reviews Contest Week 1 Winner

Reviews Contest Week 1 Winner

Blue Spruce & Elderberry Reed Diffuser

The scent is absolutely DIVINE. We live on the side of a mountain, in the middle of nowhere, with blue spruce right outside the door. Now I have it inside, and not just at Christmas time when we've chopped one of them down… Read more

Read More About - A Customer First Look

A Customer First Look

A Sensible Fragrance for a Scent-Averse Gal

I am what you would call a scent-averse person. I once had to quit a job at a certain young adult clothing retailer after only four days of employment because… Read more

Read More About - Fragrant Foundations

Fragrant Foundations

The inspiration behind the two latest Thymes fragrances

Inspiration can come from so many places—especially when it comes to fragrance. Here, Thymes Fragrance Designer, Stacy Brown, shares her insight behind… Read more

Read More About - Freshen Up

Freshen Up

Feel fresh and lovely with these summer fragrance trends

Let’s face it, the best part of summer can also be the worst. On one hand, the sun’s heat can be therapeutic and… Read more

Read More About - Rosewood Citron

Rosewood Citron

Unusual Blend Creates Sweet Surprises

Just when I think I know my fragrance profile, I discover something new in the Thymes line that’s a revelation. All along I had believed I was a complete “floral” until… Read more

Read More About - Scents of Wonder

Scents of Wonder

An inside look at Thymes fragrance development

How do you design a unique fragrance that balances familiarity and intrigue and is rooted in botanical perfumery? Thymes Fragrance Specialist, Stacy Brown, shares… Read more

Read More About - Ingredient Feature: Ginseng

Ingredient Feature: Ginseng

A Wonder of the World

Ginseng, that fascinating root believed-to-be miracle worker for stimulating everything from skin circulation to swifter memory recall. It’s one of the fortifying herbal ingredients… Read more

Read More About - My Jade Matcha Makeover

My Jade Matcha Makeover

A Customer First Look

I had moved again, and was seeking new job opportunities, new activities, and new social outlets. I decided it was time to go out on a limb and try something different, redefine myself… Read more

Read More About - Scents of Discovery

Scents of Discovery

How to give a fragrance

Because fragrance is such a personal expression, the prospect of choosing a fragrance for another can be daunting. But by gathering a few hints and putting some thought into it, it’s possible to select a fragrance that will be both meaningful and appreciated… Read more

Read More About - Scents & Sensibility

Scents & Sensibility

Find Your Fragrance Personality

Nothing is more personal than fragrance. It’s connected to our individual tastes, experiences, associations, moods, body chemistry and spirit. So, how do you choose a fragrance that’s right for you—or as a gift for someone else… Read more

Read More About - Spice: The Variety of Life

Spice: The Variety of Life

An Aromatic Route

Two of the three wise men were right: spice is always a welcome gift. (Gold, of course, needs no invitation.) But what are these things we call spices… Read more

Read More About - Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Home Fragrance Gifts In The Bag

During this season of bustle, busy shoppers and helpful storekeepers are all trying to accomplish one thing: delivering the holiday goods… Read more

Read More About - 10 Tips for Surefire Gifts

10 Tips for Surefire Gifts

Expert Tips From a Longtime Retailer

Choosing a gift seems easy: just give them something they’ll love. In reality, it can sometimes feel like trying to ride a unicycle. In heels. Backwards… Read more

Read More About - All in a Lather

All in a Lather

The Dish About Soap

Many people have strong soda pop preferences. Some lean toward brown eggs over white... The politics of the soap bar seem similarly split. If you grew up using body wash, your hand instinctively reaches for a container full… Read more

Read More About - Ingredient Feature: Epsom Salt

Ingredient Feature: Epsom Salt

Superstar Mineral Miracle

Despite its olde-timey associations, soaking with Epsom salts transcends its place in medical folklore to win a spot in modern science… Read more

Read More About - Just Cut, Forest Fresh

Just Cut, Forest Fresh

New Ways To Experience Frasier Fir

This season greets you with more great Frasier Fir choices than ever. A new assortment of home accents brings the outdoors in, with seasonal… Read more

Read More About - Green Tea Redux

Green Tea Redux

Thymes Classics Brings Back A Signature Scent

Green Tea aficionados are much like coffee addicts: they don’t want to go one day without it! And who can blame them? Clean and timeless… Read more

Read More About - Allure of Texture

Allure of Texture

And few things are better than a tactile experience combined with the pleasure of scent. Then again, few things are better than Mandarin Coriander, now featuring an enticing hobnail effect… Read more

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